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'Shazam' movie official thread (because he deserves one too)
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On 12/23/2022 at 7:41 AM, Cat said:

"To comfort the majority of affectionate movie fans" = WHAT?!? Please tell me you aren't serious. Your character is played by an actor too, not the world's greatest humanitarian who solved hunger and poverty. 

This thread is ridiculous. 


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The new comic series may be just what is needed to influence the future of THE CAPTAIN/CAPTAIN MARVEL.

Inside the DC SHAZAM! [Comic Book] Reboot


Most of the classic character’s comics adventures in recent years have felt like something of a mirror of his live-action ones, a sensible decision for a publisher that’s trying to position its characters for broad audiences, but Shazam hasn’t really felt quite as much like, well, his old self in recent years. 


But that’s all changed with Mark Waid and Dan Mora’s SHAZAM! #1 from DC. If ever there was a perfect example of an entry-level comic book adventure for folks who have been meaning to get a sense of why the character has endured for nearly as long as Superman, it’s this one. Without dismissing any of the elements that have been the staple of the character since his reinvention during DC’s New 52 era, Waid and Mora bring a little whimsy and fun back to his adventures, as well as an unofficial “new name” to tie things even more closely to his history.


Waid, who is currently thriving with Mora on another “back-to-basics” DC book with Batman/Superman: World’s Finest (watch this space for more on that soon) describes finally taking on a Shazam series as “a bucket list item,” had been jotting down concepts for the series for quite some time when editor Paul Kaminski suggested that the pair should take this on. 


“I can’t believe how faithful Dan is to the spirit and look of the character,” Waid tells me during an episode of our DC Standom podcast. “He has a way of being able to draw anything from any period in DC history and make it look contemporary and modern. That is the secret of all of this. He is the secret sauce.”


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