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Has the Walking Dead Peaked?

Has Walking Dead Value Peaked?  

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  1. 1. Has Walking Dead Value Peaked?

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Through the years all collectors of comics have seen the boom and bust of popularized comics due to media popularity. Some series are forever popular due to the creative geniuses of the comics and some slowly fade away. While Walking Dead is not just an astonishing comic books from begginning till now, the television show is among my personal favorites. But through time many never thought X-Files to many other series would fall as they have. The question is, has Walking Dead value peaked?

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I'm going to say that the prices rise slightly, but will stay about the same or possibly flatten out relative to inflation over the next couple of years. I do think that the series has burned itself into the popular imagination all over the world (at least if my friends in Spain and S. America are to be believed), so in the same way that Batman's pop-culture endurance has aided the comic books, so will The Walking Dead.


Of course, I could look at this post in a couple years and think to myself "What the f*** was I thinking!?"


To quote a teacher of mine "My super-power is that I can see the future. My weakness is that I am always wrong".


Thanks for the post.

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