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Insurance for comic books?

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I have close to 300-400K in my comic collection,


Holy cow, and I thought I had something when mine passed $500.00 bucks at the end of last year.


Yeah right! :roflmao:


What? (shrug)


.... you really need to update that 1973 OPG :baiting: GOD BLESS.....


-jimbo(a friend of jesus) (thumbs u

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That was another reason i dropped them. I took my books from the basement and have them off the floor, put some in a fire proof safe etc.



Yep, Collectinsure.com. That is all you need to know, but please READ YOUR POLICY carefully. There are exclusions that are NEVER talked about on these forums...like:


You can only store up to $100,000 in an offsite storage facility! After that if something happens you are SOL!


Be careful how many claims you have...


I dropped collect insure,nothing wrong with them(to me).I just couldn't see paying for premiums that,to be honest were unnecessary. I figure if I take the time to make sure my comics are off the ground,away from areas where flooding can occur(against walls with water pipes) to the best of my ability,then I should be okay.Fire? Sometimes stuff happens,but I'll take that risk,because I do my best to alleviate any hazards of that as well.I have close to 300-400K in my comic collection,and I feel good about my chances they will make it a.okay. (thumbs u

Prevention is key


Acts of God? Can't win em all,but I think with the precautions I have put into place,I have evened the odds a little.

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I know this is a topic that is asked and touched upon many times and I have  familiarized myself with it in the years since I created my post but does anyone have any experience making a claim? Not that I doubt the company but I was just thinking a little deeper on the matter and sort of  came to a further conclusion. That being in most cases insurance never covers the entire cost of something. I had a friends house burn down with tons of art in it and although the family got money the did not get enough to cover everything.

So my question would be, is it legal to have 2 separate insurance policies on one collection of comics. For example in an effort to get what my collection is worth in case it is ever destroyed could I have a rider on my my home insurance and a separate policy through collect insure? I mean if  I had a rare automobile like a Pantera or the first Mercedes or something I would need insurance on the auto as a collectible and then another policy in order to legally drive the car on the highway. I realize the example is a little flawed but it is not all that far fetched.

So is it legal , could I do that? Would I be able to get a fully reimbursed if so ? Would that be the best way?


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