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NO, that would be the eBay thread




I have to wonder if the other eBay thread title is not clear enough or they don't enter it as it appears to be yet another personal eBay experience. I do know it's not utilized nearly as much as its apparently needed.


Either way, this thread is here. Hopefully it is taken full advantage of and reduces the amount of eBay related threads in Comics General. Yes, the title of this thread is intentionally absurd to make it extremely clear that a eBay thread is here and that new threads are most likely not needed.

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What if I had a PayPal issue?


eBay If eBay it eBay is eBay related eBay then eBay by eBay all eBay means eBay post eBay your eBay PayPal eBay related eBay issue eBay here eBay.


eBay If eBay it eBay not eBay related eBay then eBay I eBay suggest eBay searching eBay other eBay avenues eBay for eBay an eBay answer eBay.

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I have an ebay question ... if I'm going back-n-forth with a buyer with an offer, can another buyer come along & buy the item for the BIN price?


Yes, another buyer can purchase the item while best offers are pending. This may be from the buy it now option or by submitting an offer the seller chooses to accept.

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