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  1. I messaged you about the details
  2. Detective comics 1000 bruce timm joker cover nm $10
  3. Detective comics 872-879, 881 all nm $5 each
  4. Detective comics 871 first print. book is nm $15
  5. Detective comics 881, the famous joker cover by Jock book is nm I believe SOLD
  6. Batman 700 Mike Mignola variant cover. cgc 9.8 $125
  7. Batman new 52 7,8,9,10, or 11 same grade 9.2-9.4 $5 each
  8. Batman new 52 6, 1st print just like the others 9.2-9.4 SOLD
  9. Batman new 52 2,3,4, or 5 also 9.2-9,4 $10 each
  10. Batman new 52 1 probably 9.2-9.4 $15
  11. Wonder woman 184 i had this pressed and feel it’s a 9.8 candidate $80
  12. Hi no HOS or probation users I accept paypal as payment US only any graded book will be $15 and raw book $4 for shipping. I will combine shipping on raw books the first in thread will trump message negotiations
  13. with regards to the back issue sign, there is a store near me that has covered their back issue boxes up and they are not for sale. Her reasoning is she feels she was losing out on too much money. Now here is the deal, she will never go through the inventory. I know for sure too as she had long boxes in the back not out for sale that hadn't been opened in like 30+ years. Best part they were part of a water leak and got damaged. There was a minty tomb of dracula 10 in one of them I know about. totally ruined. If you aren't going to keep up with things, just move on or step up and do the hard work that needs done.
  14. I got this book in the mail today. I think there was a weird scan in the listing of an interior page that made buyers be cautious with it. I realized it was an artifact from scanning and thought the book overall looked really nice.
  15. So where he and myself live in WV, we are in a pretty low populated state, 1.76 million this year, down from last year. because of that, places to buy comics here are somewhat sparse. There are local shows and 1 bigger con each year. The thing is the local dealers that set up at the small shows are aware of him and what I understand avoid him. I would think if you are angering the local spots, shows and cons, your pool of potential sellers is small and shrinking, just like our population.
  16. Yeah. The quote from the shop owner is in this thread actually
  17. I live in Hurricane WV so thought this was about something here! But nothing happens here...
  18. Yeah these were the available pics from the auction and I had to screen shot those since I was on mobile at the time.
  19. Hey want to get some other eyes on this bats 241. It looks pretty sharp to me and trying to decide if I should get it or not.
  20. I use it as I like the collection data system, but I do find the valuation to be off. It seems pretty high on raw books. For instance I am working on a batman run currenty. I have 388-713 and then between 300-399 missing 30 books. Now there are some decent books in that run, but I don't know if their value is actually the 3600 the report is showing based on the grades I entered. I think the books which are the keys are pretty accurate but the random issues that show it to be 11 in a particular grade for example when its more like 3-4, and there are lots of those, inflate the value pretty high.
  21. he lives in WV not too far from me. His range appears to be OH, KY, VA and NC based on the videos I have seen of his. He was at the most recent heroes con so if you are there, you will probably see him. He wears a go pro looking camera strapped to his chest and is usually wearing glasses and a hat, so looks a bit different in person than in the videos.
  22. I went to a local show here in WV over the weekend. I picked up 36 books in the 300s for my batman run. I have 31 books left to get in that number block.
  23. there is a youtuber named lunch money comics. he came across a hulk 181 and that owner didn't know its value either. I mean I guess if you bought a long time ago and stopped, you really wouldn't. Prices were so different then.
  24. phase 2 is now complete: with 428 purchased, I have 404-713 done. I started this mid April so it has happened fairly fast. The next part will be getting the missing books from 300-399, which is currently sitting at 73 books to do that. My plan was to have that done by the end of the year, though it may be longer than that.
  25. so with this pickup over the weekend 1 book to go! just need 428 now, and hopefully that will be happening really soon!