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Hunting the 6 variants of Batman 457 (1st Tim Drake ROBIN)
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Anyone else hunting this set notice the 1st print newsstand with indicia "000" was especially difficult to track down?


I think it's probably the second rarest of the set besides the 2nd print newsstand with only 7 8 9 10 11  12 known copies.



Some links regarding this comic;


article on The Six Variants of Batman 457



Previous thread


Other thread




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Big Hero 6 voice actor Ryan Potter posted an open try out video to Ben Affleck asking to play Tim Drake in the new Batman film.


If the character does ever show up in the DC films it would be interesting to see what happens to the value of this issue.


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While it can't hurt to mention it I don't think enough folks are aware of the error to make a difference. That may change if CGC begins to note the error in their labels.


The only clear premium so far went to a copy of the 2nd print Newsstand which sold for the BuyItNow of $100. With only 7 known copies the seller had no idea what he had but I'm sure the buyer definetly knew. It would have been interesting to see what an auction would have ended at.

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When books are that "niche" they generally don't do well at straight auction unless

the "rarity" has been made highly public.

But once word gets out, you better be first to market or close to it to supply the limited demand. The audience of collectors for this stuff is usually too small to generate buzz.

I've had it work both ways for me, some did better then expected and others lower then my expectations.

I'll just sit on my error 000 copies for the time being.

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A quick search of "Batman 457" in Photobucket turned up a photo of one of the 7-known copies of the 2nd print newsstand. This is from back in the days when this book was still considered a myth.


I recall they had mentioned in a thread how the barcode had been struck out with a marker, but the photo's link no longer worked. This is the image I found;



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