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How Many New Comics Do You Purchase Each Month?

How many NEW comics (i.e., non-back issue, non-CGC) do you purchase in a typical month?  

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  1. 1. How many NEW comics (i.e., non-back issue, non-CGC) do you purchase in a typical month?

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Not sure if I care for that. You run the risk of becoming the main course instead of a guest at dinner.


I don;t know...even with a nice honey glaze and an apple in his mouth, Cartman would not be the most appetizing of entrees! grin.gif

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Sigh....POV contributes to the ruining of a thread again!


I did, didn;t I? Flay me. Cover me with paper cuts and rub me with lemon juice. Slow roast me....ok - I understand now. Am cooking dinner and the wonderful scents are making me more food oriented than usual even for me.


So I wish to humbly apologize for ruining this thread. I wish to apologize to my fellow cast members, my director, the writer without whom I would not have these wonderful words to say, my producers....??????????? Opps. Sorry.


Let me just say - I wish you all get the books you want at the price you want in the grade you want.

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I said more than 40...which is true, BUT I am a collector who will read all the books once, then I will try to recoup some of the money I spent on the comics by selling them for a minimum of 50 percent off on ebay. It balances out there in the end.


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The only two books I buy that even come out close to monthly are Liberty Meadows and Bone.


Ones I do buy on the rare occasion that they come out:

Xenozoic Tales, Groo, Stray Bullets, Hate, Flaming Carrot, and stuff by Kochalka.


I'm quiting Elektra since Greg Horn is leaving and if Adam Hughes ever did the interiors to Wonder Woman I'd buy it.


So I guess my answer technically is two - but it's not for lack of wanting to buy stuff.



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Over the past year I had to sell off a 19+ year collection I built up starting back in 1983, because I was broke laugh.gifcrazy.gifshocked.giffrown.giflaugh.gif


I have decided that if I were to become extremely wealthy I would devote a room just to comics, and spend a good chunk of money acquiring a ton of books I used to own, or have always wanted to own (books I could never afford unless I was rich, like Silver-Age keys from Marvel and DC).


I feel that I sold some books that I regret not having had slabbed before selling them...but I was wary of CGC, and up until late last year (October/November I believe...maybe September)...I did not bother submiting some very nice Miller DDs, etc. for grading.


I will do a cut a paste of the books I will be purchasing in June, and you will notice that I plan on getting a lot of kids books...so hopefully parents who are apprehensive about entering a comic store with their children will see they can buy the entire months worth of Archie books from someone like me on ebay for a great discount, and on a regular basis no less (gotta love the repeat customers, they do not add to your feedback, but are money in the bank, they know it, I know it, and it suits both the seller and buyer just fine).


The June Comic Book List


1. Osamu Tezuka

2. Detective Comics 783

3. Batman 616

4. Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman Trinity 1 (?)

5. Outsiders 1

6. Cartoon Cartoons 19

7. Looney Tunes 103

8. Mucha Lucha 3

9. The PowerPuff Girls 39

10. Scooby-Doo 73

11. Tokyo Storm Rising 1 (my first Warren Ellis book in over 4 years)

12. Liberty Meadows 32

13. Liberty Meadows HC Vol. I: Eden

14. Incredible Hulk 55 (X4...only .25 cents each)

15. Incredible Hulk 56

16. Hulk: The Movie Adaptation (?)

17. Hulk: Nightmerica 1 (?)

18. New X-Men 142 & 143

19. Ultimate X-Men 34

20. Uncanny X-Men 425 & 426

21. Wolverine Snitk! 2

22. New Mutants 2

23. Wolverine 2

24. Exiles 28

25. Wolverine/Doop 2

26. Born 1

27. Daredevil 48

28. Spider-Man & Wolverine 1

29. Ultimate Spider-Man 42

30. Kingpin 1

31. Thunderbolts 80

32. Human Torch 3

33. Venom 3

34. Namor 3

35. Runaways 3

36. Mystique 3

37. Quest 1

38. The Crew 2

39. Sentinel 3

40. Inhumans 2

41. Fantastic Four 70

42. Avengers 68

43. Spider-Girl 61 (X2...final issue)

44. Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 6: Venom TPB

45. I Dream Of Jeannie Comics Set Signed (?)

46. Sweaterweather GN (HC Signed and Numbered Edition)

47. The Courageous Princess Masterpiece Edition Signed HC

48. 1 copy of ALL solicited Archie Comics (as long as it is not an OA/Star System comic, it is being purchased)

49. Aspen 1 (25 copies if my LCS will let me purchase the chase cover at cover price, otherwise 1 copy)

50. Radioactive Man 7: Bongo Super Heroes

51. Simpsons Comics 83

52. Route 666 13

53. Solus 4

54. Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge 319

55. Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 634

56. Dawn: Three Tiers 1 Signed And Numbered Limited Edition

57. Akiko Volume 6 TP


A question mark in parenthesis means I am on the fence, but will probably end up buying the comic book.


Is there a chance that I will regret selling one of the above books ten years from now...well, perhaps regret is too strong a word, as I will probably say (without anger at myself) dang...I used to own that Archie comic that is now worth $100 laugh.gif


Heck, I have been into comics for most of my life, but I have no regrets that while a friend of mine in Junior High was picking up some modern comic books for me (I gave him the money, he had easy access to a comic store), he also got excited that he happened to save up enough money to purchase at least a VF/NM copy of Giant Size X-Men for 100 bucks (a ton of money for a student at the time, heck..still a good chunk of change to spend on a comic even today). I am honestly not angry with myself that he ended up buying one of the hottest Bronze Age books out there for what seems, in hindsight, a ridiculously good price (given that it guides for 1000 now, and it was not THAT long ago when I was in Junior High, I think it is safe to say that if he still has that book, well...wow, what a lucky bastich laugh.gifsmile.gif ).


Getting frustrated about what I used to own, or what could have been is just not worth the effort, not to mention my family can care less about hearing an adult moan and groan about the one that got away.


Boy, you ask a simple question, and I provide you enough words to take up a half hour of your time reading this post, sorry about that laugh.giftongue.gifcrazy.gifsmile.gif



Christopher H.

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Damn that is quite a list. Currently I am at 9, still on the fence on this whole 100 Bullets book......





Peter Parker

New X-men

Uncanny X-men



and 2 more that have slipped my mind.



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I think it is great that the Disney books are coming back with numbers that indicate that they are simply picking up where the old series left off. They could have easily come back with new number one issues---pleased to see they did not.


To be fair to those who are stunned at how many books I will be buying in June...I am getting a 20 percent discount for paying in advance, and will be selling them off at a fairly regular pace. It is not like they will all end up in long-boxes in my garage (although I will probably be selling some future super-hot books, but as I noted in my super-long post on this thread, I have to be willing to sell these comics now, with no regrets that I may be selling the next giant-size x-men 1 laugh.gif) .

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I haven't purchased a "new" book from a shop since the 80's. I primarily buy the following:


FF issues under 100 in cgc 9.2 or above.


FF issues 100 to 200 in 9.6 or above.


Various moderns and bronze in cgc 9.8 .


I got bac k into comic books mainly because I now have the money (AKA: a real job) to pursue the FF books that I have always wanted, but could never aford as a 15 year old kid working at the local movie theater.


I would like to say that I do make semi-regular visits to the local comic shop and stare at the rows of new books that are out each month....... but alas, I don't seem to ever buy one.


Who knows.... maybe on the next trip.




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