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ComicConnect's Next Event Auction has started posting books !
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I love a lot of the Centaurs so will see if any of my favorites show up.  The Captain America 1 is definitely a tasty looking book.  Several pre-Robin Detectives, wonder who might be watching those hm

Batman 7 in 7.0, one of the tougher Batman's, looking forward to seeing the picture of it.

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4 minutes ago, Chicago Boy said:

Cap 1s growing on trees. Why the Exodus ? 

New copies being graded. No exodus in the sense that older graded copies being brought to market (owners are holding on to their copies). Would hardly call it growing on trees but certainly no shortage this year :nyah:

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13 minutes ago, Spiderturtle said:

Nice, very nice, any predictions on hammer?

It’s gorgeous. I’ll throw out 210k   I might be out of my wheelhouse though once we get into this grade with this book 

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9 hours ago, lou_fine said:

Not sure why you would say this since Fishler has been in the game decades longer than Heritage has? hm

Especially since his connections in the marketplace runs long and deep and he apparently has a mind like a steel trap in terms of knowing where the books are and who's interested in what.  Just take a look at the Action 1's and some of the other big books like the pre-Robin 'Tec's where it's probably more than just placing a book on his auction site, but possibly also alerting :gossip: and guiding certain potential buyers to significant books that are coming up.  Possibly not the market maker he once was in the old days prior to the rise of the auction houses, but definitely still wields a lot of influence in the marketplace.  

In addition, some of the older collectors like Jon Berk who also auctioned off his collection through CC probably has stronger ties to the old boys like Fishler, as opposed to these newer players like Ivy and Halperin who made their money elsewhere and decided to move their same game into the comic book marketplace.  By the time it's all said and done (i.e. after all fees and any other charges), there probably wouldn't be that much difference in terms of the bottom-line, so why not give the books back to the one that probably helped you to build the bulk of your collection in the first place.  (thumbsu

Didn't ComicConnect do a real nice job selling the Berk collection?  I thought they did.

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