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16 minutes ago, Schmakt said:

One of my favorite series ever... none of the sequels even come close... These are my copies from when I was a kid and read them 1000 times over...






And while certainly not Copper, I really liked this series from DH as well... I bought all the original art for the 6-page backup story from Peter and have them framed in my living room :)


Love both of those as well. I've got the artist's edition of Robo vs Terminator, with Simonson's beautiful art. Great stuff.

I'm also a long time Bagge fan, and was still surprised by how great Apocalypse Nerd was!

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3 hours ago, AGGIEZ said:

Beautiful! What do you have holding the slabs up on the wall? Curious...


I use these, or something very much like them. Cheap but useful!


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On 1/10/2019 at 4:56 PM, Schmakt said:

Did you spring for the "Expert Setup" for only $219.49 per unit??

Good lord...

Oddly enough, I myself AM an expert, and am more than happy to set these up for any of you fine folks at a BARGAIn rate of $199 per unit. I'll even throw in the holder!

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2 hours ago, john fucsalot said:

very nice!!! i've been trying to put together a set myself.. id be happy with some NM raw copies but they're hard to come by..... for the right price anyway

Thanks! It took several years to put together. 3-6 were no big deal, but 1 & 2 were a different story. A boardie sold me the #1 many years ago and at the time I paid a premium for it (and I would have paid more!) but it has turned out to have been a bargain in the long run. #2 was the white whale. For many years there were only 2 9.8's on the census, and those guys weren't selling. Finally managed to snag one in trade as part of a much larger deal a couple of year ago. Nowadays I'm trying to find raw NM copies of the 2nd through 6th printings, but they don't turn up often in nice shape.

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2 hours ago, john fucsalot said:

and now some more dark horse stuff... always been a big fan of dark horse comics


Nice! Evil Dead + John Bolton, what's not to love? I've owned a few sets of these over the years, I need to get a set for the permanent collection at some point.

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On 1/9/2019 at 12:55 AM, valiantman said:

Somebody else will have to supply the Boris eye candy.

Speaking of "eye candy"... everyone should try finding this one in the bargain bins:


There were lots of extra copies of Predator vs. Magnus #1 and #2 from the 1992 mini-series, most of them sitting in bargain bins in 1994 for a dollar or less... so the number of comic shops ordering the 1994 trade paperback shown here with a $7.95 retail price would have been pretty small... $7.95 for the trade or $2 for the originals?  Easy choice at the time.  That's why the trade is pretty tough to find 25 years later.

These trades raw aren’t cheap either.  This is a very, very nice book.

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