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Not sure if these are exactly OBSCURE, as such.  But definitely less seen than some.  He actually did the last page on the Captain Britain story in #386 uncredited before taking over as writer with 387:




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389 actually has a text article about Captain Britain by Moore, rather than a story.  With 390 he takes over the Night Raven text stories:




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Sadly, don't have a Daredevils #1 with the badge.  They're out there, though.  Moore kept doing more and more material in these issues; Captain Britain, Night Raven once that moved over from Marvel Super Heroes, and various text stories and other pieces





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To pick one example of how much of these issues were by Moore:  #8 has a 10 page Captain Britain story, a 4 page Daredevil parody called "Grit!" starring "Dourdevil" (sic), and a four page Night Raven text story:





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This chat board is making me nostalgic and just caused me to buy this on ebay.  I’m going to give it to CGC for cross grading because I’m OCD like that.  It’s frustrating though.  I recently got back a comic that was CBCS 9.8 which CGC gave a 9.4.  The grader notes said “small crease on back cover’. I don’t see a color break so I’m going to gamble again and have it pressed.  Wish me luck.


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I have the 1st and last issue of this series and want to fill in the inbetween issues (any comic book dealers out there listening?)  I think the only issue I have that maybe could come back a 9.8 is issue #7.

Promethea #1.jpg

Promethea #32 a.jpg

Promethea #32 b.jpg

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