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Probation Removal?
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Hello all!  Bummer to have this be my first post here after such a long time with such an odd story, but is it possible to be removed from the probation list?

Long story short I had a sale long ago with "Eddie A." for a slabbed DD book. I made a dumb shipping move, case cracked upon arrival, and I offered a partial refund to which we both accepted. I can remember mailing his refund as an MO (for a variety of reasons of which there's no point getting into because it's ultimately moot) and I assumed that was that. (I had sold key books here previously, no issue)

I fell slowly out of all my comic communities over time because "life" but was still active buying/selling variety of things on eBay (all under the same name). Fast forward some years, life changes, back into collecting then not, repeat, one day log into CGC after a while and see multiple unread messages regarding the DD book refund. Ed states he never received refund, and I was unresponsive. I care about my reputation across all my platforms, so I reach out even after the time passed explaining what I believed and why I thought we were done, offer refund again plus literal interest to show sincerity (as I said, small amount). He states it's unnecessary, water under a bridge long forgotten. I insist, he accepts, check mailed. This was 2 years ago. Ed can confirm this. (please note: I'm not throwing any of this in Ed's lap, not trying to accuse or insinuate him of anything)

All done!  ... Nope. I wasn't aware I was ever on the HOS/Probation thread until it was brought to my attention from a random ebay user regarding a listing the other day.

Ed if he's still active and willing can corroborate this. I was on for a long time, but settled my debt also long ago and hoping it can be removed. If not - it is what it is but please be known I have fulfilled my obligations. Removal or not, neither will affect my future participation in the forums if any (life). I just wanted to let it be known that a small issue has been settled for some time.

Thanks for time and fun! Sincerely.

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On 6/18/2020 at 7:37 PM, jimjum12 said:

Let this be a lesson to you….

No excuse for missing Forum time. You lock the kids in the closet for an hour (with food, of course...) give your wife a 50 and send her to the Male go-go Bar, and log on.... it's that simple. GOD BLESS....

-jimbo(a friend of jesus)(thumbsu

Only $50???

And, crates are a better training tool. :eyeroll:

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