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  1. Just came in. This thing is huge and heavy.
  2. Today would have been Frank's birthday.
  3. Don't even joke about that. Grading paperbacks makes way more sense to me than some of the other carp they grade.
  4. Well if you are trying to distract me.........................you are succeeding.
  5. Nothing personal. We are aloud to disagree. It would be very boring if everyone always agreed. That being said, I think they have many self inflicted wounds and I would call some of them incompetence.
  6. What I was trying to say (clearly not very well) was if they know if THEY pressed it. My understanding is they have always said the graders don't know if it was pressed by CCS.
  7. Just like they don't know books they pressed themselves.
  8. I don't think what CGC does fits any definition of mass production.
  9. Missing the fine print of "and resubmitted to CGC for reholdering who failed to verify in any way what they were reholdering"
  10. CGC seems to be allocating as little recourses as they possibly can to prevents these things from happening. From QC. Etc. They simply don't care. They will blame this on bad actors yet once again and take ZERO responsibility for having nothing in place to prevent or catch this. They didn't even catch that this guy stole at least 23 books. Someone had to clue them in. Just like the reholder scandal. They had no clue it was happening for years until people did the work for them.
  11. Which kind of says something in itself.
  12. I got mine on ebay for about $20. This is what the cover looks like.
  13. Apart from maybe some CGC slappies who would never blame CGC for anything, this would never be good PR for CGC. Its just another in a long list of failures.
  14. There was just a post put up about this maybe 20 minutes ago. It just went poof.
  15. I wonder how many books CGC loses that it took them enough time to figure out this guy was stealing over 20 books.
  16. I was mad when I missed the sale on Amazon. Was very happy to see this. The sale started the other day and didn't include the Frazetta books. Then they added them for the weekend.
  17. 50% off sale at Tashen Frazetta books. It was also free shipping.
  18. I think you would have to offer a massive discount to sell them in one shot. I think selling the more expensive issues individually and then bulking up the rest into lots might work. But honestly there have been many sales here where that would just be issue by issue. People gobble them up if they are priced fair.
  19. A few random pickups. For the most part I stopped with current Vampirellas. Just too many out there.
  20. I feel like if someone sends me soap I might be offended.
  21. I saw that. They have had these books on ebay forever. I was wondering if anyone here would would go for it.
  22. Big shout out to @fastballspecial. Received his mystery box a few days ago and finally got a chance to open it up. Great selection of books. I'm not a Batman guy, but really loving that cover.