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Officially speaking, the forum was given birth by the interests of the boards as a whole, of which the self-styled king was only one part.


OK,..I can live with a 'power sharing' arrangement between arch and myself. laugh.gif

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Most people don't know that Dr. Doom is King of Latveria.....


When there's a king, people know who he is.



Isn't there a Metallica song titled "King Nothing"? 893scratchchin-thumb.gif

when I read KK`s posts, the only song that comes to mind is "King of Pain".

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"Kneel before your master?"


Can you really be as big of a pompous person_who_is_obnoxiously_self-impressed as you come across on these boards? Puh-leez.


I say, let thee eat brick :






I think some apologies are in line from some members of this forum.


I have been a kind & generous Emperor-King. I have given this forum-kingdom creation and form and yet my Godliness was questioned.


I will now accept your apologies.



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