Weekly Three: Week of 12/7/2020
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The most frequently asked questions for the week of 12/7/2020 were on the topics of 1) canceling web orders 2) $150 grading credits, and 3) shipping labels. See below for more information on these areas. 

1) Canceling Web Orders - It is not necessary or possible to "cancel" a web order. No charges have been made. CGC does not process charges for submissions generated using the online form unless or until they are received at our facility for services.  You may discard the unneeded packing slip you will not be charged.

2) $150 Grading Credits - Please note that the online form is unable to display any available grading credits. The Grading Credits are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase and they will automatically apply to any regular CGC grading fees including Trading Card grading fees. Please note Membership Credits and Discounts are NOT applicable to Private Signing Events, CCS Service Fees, and Shipping & Handling Charges. You will receive your invoice number(s) when your order has been processed at the CGC office. No charges will be processed until your order is received in our facility. Any available grading credits will be applied automatically prior to processing the charge.

3) Shipping Labels - CGC does not provide shipping labels. The shipping fee referenced on your packing slip is for return shipping. 

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CGC isn't going to give you an answer on what a card is worth.  They're a grading company, not an appraisal company.

On 1/29/2021 at 9:27 PM, Pokeman dude said:

So I have this 2014 69/106 charizard and wanted to know if its a holo or worth anything because ive seen this same card for 700 dollers and seen it for 30 dollers






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