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The Whitman Thread
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As suggested in another thread (by @OtherEric), perhaps it's time a for a general Whitman thread. There are a few threads that have popped up over the years, but maybe we can start one that brings everything together - from rare finds, to the population of the 8-12/1980 books, to scarce color and price variants, to DC Whitmans, to which books were in which packs, to discussions about whether "fat diamond" Marvels are all Whitmans, etc. Maybe even for trading some Whitmans between enthusiasts?

I know I have posted in one of the other Whitman threads from time to time, only to realize that my posy would have fit better in a different one... Hopefully, this thread will solve that problem!

I feel like I know a little about Whitmans, and just enough about their history to want to know more... I also have the top registry set for DC Whitmans (though that may just go to prove that I have more money than sense; still, you should definitely sell me the rest I need! (:). However, there are some other boardies like @Warlord and @bellruleswho have real street cred on these issues.

Hopefully this makes sense to everyone...

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And here's a Whitman mystery question to get some conversation going... If you look at the issues in the previous post, they're all August 1980 issues. Same cover date, presumably same distribution channels (and likely mostly in packs). So why does Tom & Jerry have a UPC, while the others don't?

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2 hours ago, ganni said:

Great thread! I bought this copy "Long, long time ago... 1978

And Marvel did predicted the Title of the next movie


I should see if I can find my copy of that issue; I don't think it's my oldest original owner book but it's in the first 30... given how the Whitman bags stayed on sale, the order I got my early Star Wars issues is fuzzy at best.

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2 minutes ago, bellrules said:

Some sealed examples of the 8/80 12/80 issues 





















Those are some cool stuff right there. 
Whitman’s came out well before my time - however, seeing sealed packs of comics from back in the day is pretty awesome. 

I’d like to own a pack of sealed marvels one of these days....

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