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  1. Made some great finds at a local used book store. Pulled all these from a dollar box. The ones that I found most interesting are the Wolverine with the price sticker on top of the barcode as well as the Sabertooth foil book. Never knew the foil books were ever sold on newsstands.
  2. What’s the deal with this? Price has been going up all weekend.
  3. Has anyone ever seen of these before? It’s an ASM 365, first print direct, but instead of silver ink, it’s white. Put both books side by side to show the difference
  4. Picked up this guy at a local show this morning. Beat, but complete
  5. Great score on the Winnie #1. That book has incredible potential. I think it might reach Scooby Doo status at one point given the longevity of the character.
  6. This just came across my FB feed. Anyone ever crack one open to see if any logo variants were in there?
  7. Given the price box on the newsstand edition of Fraggle Rock 8, I don’t think it exists.
  8. Walgreens prepack issues. (aka 2nd prints)
  9. Bought a box of beaters this week, and was surprised to have uncovered this one. I’ve only come across 3 copies of Pink Panther 78 with the 40 cent price tag. While this one is pretty beat, it’s still complete.
  10. Don’t know but they got a smoking deal!
  11. Not sure how to approach this one. Looking for a little help. Book is complete. No missing pages but has some issues. Unsure of how much to ding the book for problems that only show in certain light. Close up images to show what I’m concerned about
  12. I’m afraid not. We’re already dealing in CAD and I’m priced whatever is available at the moment right now. I don’t skimp out on shipping as I want to make sure the books get to you in the same condition I send them. If you want to wait, it’s ok. I’m in no rush to sell them.
  13. I have a lower grade 331, but the 332 is fairly high grade. I would do 80.00 for the pair plus shipping.
  14. You got a great deal on that Supes! Congrats!
  15. Snuck in another find, just under the wire to end 2023 with a bang. Happy New Year friends!
  16. Awesome find. Definitely one of the more desired books out there and one of the rarer ones. And your copy is higher grade than most I’ve seen
  17. And just to add to an already incredible week.