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Time in Scheduled for Grading

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10 hours ago, DerekGould said:

Mine all moved to scheduled for grading today, as well. I had it planned so they would hit this stage about a month apart, for payment reasons.  Does this now mean I’ll be hit soon on my credit card, then wait a few months more?

From my experience, it won't bill/charge until it's in 'grading/QA'. At that point they you'll be able to click the link and see what cards are being graded; scheduled for grading is a status that's happening earlier in the process, as I think they are getting that part of their workflow sorted faster. I think we'll all see our bulk move into scheduled status sooner, but should anticipate that it won't go to 'grading' status for a good while.

I have also heard, anecdotally, that there is a bit of slab rationing going on due to supply constraints. Might be impacting the Sports Card guys more, but it's worth noting that the bottleneck in the CGC process has likely moved over the last couple of months, and likely will move again as they get to the big pile of mail that came in during their price hike lead up.

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On 4/12/2022 at 4:24 PM, Reanimated Hobbies LLC said:

MY recent bulk order has been on "scheduled for grading" since Monday. Now it says "recieved" and all the order specifics are gone. I'm worried. I really need this stock asap.

Same. My order was “scheduled for grading” and now is “received” curious as to why? Maybe system glitch?

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