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Journey into Mystery #85 and #86 Maine Summer Vacation Home Collection

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The two JIMS came back unslabbed due to "overhang". I called Steve Borock about this and he said that due to the overhang of the cover CGC does not slab those books because of the chance the overhang could get bent due to shifting in the slab. I guess this means they think the book may go down in grade in the slab.


Oddly enough, the FF#9 with near identical overhang at the top of the cover was slabbed. I find it amazing that CGC is turning down a lot of these original books because of this and that begs the question as to how many have been expertly trimmed before submission...


It also makes me wonder about the original state of a lot of early Marvels since some degree of overhang is pretty typical. Oh well, these were "too original" to be slabbed!


Seriously, I understand CGCs concern but I think my subsequent musings are valid points of concern.


I do think the grades rec'd on the forum accurate. I also graded the #85 and I graded (in my initial excitement) the #86 a 9.4. I'm inclined to either the 9.0 or 9.2 on that one, I'll have to look at it again.





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The two JIMS came back unslabbed due to "overhang".


This is becoming a big problem lately, and since CGC is getting really paranoid on the SCS issue, that the only way to get all your books graded is to trim them.


Most older SA books have cover overhang, and if CGC is not prepared to handle this long-known reality, then why are they in business?

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Maybe they should learn that overhang though common should not affect the true grade of the book because it is a mistake in the priinting process not an intended part of the book it was MEANT to be trimmed. Same thing that they don't realize on the comic without staples. Sorry but quite a lot of GA books were printed and sold with out staples. These are NOT restored or "qualified" they are original unrestored and if a professional restorer adds period staples to hold the book toghether should not receive a restored label and should not even be mentioned.


As to the grades .....

I'd say 9.0 , 9.2 on them

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yup, appear to have another couple of beauties there.............and what a quandary about this overhang..........they'll look very nice in Mylars, but simply won't sell for as much money confused.gifcrazy.gifblush.gif


i've had approx 250 books slabbed, of which about half were nice marvels from this specific era (FF # 1 to DD # 5) and only had one book returned ungraded. and that was due to the fact that the cover was stuck to the first page. (no jokes here, please).


i'm sure many of them have overhang (perhaps to a lesser degree?)


in any event - keep 'em coming.............. thumbsup2.gif

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