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  1. Thank you for the Welcome Back themed meme. I won't be glued here but I will definitely check in weekly.
  2. I'm a big fan of Comiclink. Yes we've poked at the web site layout over the years but the process and convenience for both buyers and sellers cannot be understated. When I last checked in Steve was working for Metro so the news here catches me up. @COMICLINK I'll be calling you guys soon.
  3. A billion years ago, I talked to Harshen about maybe getting a web services API that could be used by developers of third party comic sellers in looking up and helping to populate inventory information easily. Is the human based consumption lookup tool all that is available or have we stepped into the 2000s yet?
  4. I've got your art book around here somewhere. Moved around a bit after my emancipation....
  5. Happy Turkey day All! Nice to see ya @Rip @shiverbones @greggy @batmiesta I'm pretty sure I've been all over the place. Don't even know who is around and not. It's like I'm the sterlingcomics in an alternate dimension and I've crossed over somehow.
  6. I’m not even sure what that is. Man I’ve forgotten where to get basic supplies. 😂
  7. Here's a fun fact. I only have one 8.x bronze book, cause I never saw anything higher. HOM 256. Love that Wrightson cover. HOM 205 still elusive. I think I have 2 9.2 and everything is 9.4 up. I know I have boxes of "undercopies" as I was upgrading.
  8. Oh my lord. I have no idea what the market is but I'm choking on a lot of the prices I am seeing...thank goodness I'm more on the flip side of this. I've sold nothing, recently. Years ago I sold anything not 9.8 of lesser titles like the Marvel reprint titles, Weird Mystery Tales, etc. At this point I'm just doing market research. I may just concentrate on the "keys" which aren't many.
  9. Yeah as I faded away I remember most of these services were starting up. Is PGX still in business?
  10. When pressing was debated, when micro trimming was an oopsie, fun times...
  11. And I'm here to tell you, if I get anymore lemons, the combustible lemon option is a possibility.
  12. Social call. I haven't really bought much in over ten years. Checking out the market....seeing if I need to do round 2 or sell em off at some point. I just now found out there's a pedigree label. Not a fan of the color. Is shiverbones around? Who from the original crew still hangs? Have we lost anyone? I know RIP DM'd me, greggy's still being greggy. BSD extraordinaire.
  13. I miss these emoticons. I feel like such a noob here, again. Still liked the old forum better.
  14. Last time I was here TATs were six months or more...even if they are only slightly off of the timeframes, then all I gotta say is wow. Submissions decreasing, staff increased...orrrrr......
  15. Hi my name is Sterling, and I think I used to be here buying CGC books close to twenty years ago....
  16. OK, you asked for it. Anything to do with bronze horror, let's talk about it here. This is my favorite genre and my favorite age as well. So, to start things off with a poll: I know I left out other Publishers, but I figured the majority of us here are in either the DC or Marvel camps. CHOOSE 4 OF YOUR FAVORITE BRONZE HORROR TITLES BELOW!