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It would be interesting to know more about how Alan came to publish the  Ally Sloper magazines, as they were totally different to his usual fare and not an experiment he repeated.

Evidentally a vanity project by Denis Gifford I wonder how large/small was the production run? I never saw any copies in W H Smiths (which in the 1970s did tend to have stacks of Class comics). I bought all 4 issues new at the stand at New Street railway station (Birmingham) and never saw any anywhere else. 

Robert also known as Old Git has recently sold 19 "new" copies of Number 2 that were "a warehouse find".


Ally Sloper 2.jpg

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8 hours ago, Get Marwood & I said:

Thanks guys, glad you liked it.

I tried. This was my first Alan Class. Got it on a trip to Cardiff, Wales visiting relatives. I had just started collecting Marvels and shop had no American comics so I bought this. Was blown away by Wally Wood art, reprint DD #5. 

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Ive just found I own an Alan Class comic called Out of this world from series 1 not sure on issue as no numbers as is common ive found when looking into this. Think its #11 in his series but its definitely #9 in Charlton publications, Steve Ditko art titled Journeys End. Have you got any more information on this series? It's not in a bad way this comic grade probably at 3.5 raw.

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I wish I'd kept one of the two copies I've owned down the years. Paul McCartney had one up for about £60 a few years back and rather than buy it, I let him in on the price escalation which, at the time, was about double that. Paul's one of the best - not a chap you'd feel good about scoring from.  As I've mentioned before, I'd have been a rubbish dealer, had I gone in that direction. 

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9 minutes ago, mikeyc67 said:

Some Alan Class FF issues



You're in the club Mikey, FF division :bigsmile:

Does anyone have an Alan with The Hulk on the cover?

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6 hours ago, Get Marwood & I said:

It is indeed #11, which reprints the Charlton title of the same name, #9 as you rightly say - here's a copy from the bay:



As you can see from the certificate from the plate set that I posted that no one liked enough to comment on, there were two AC series of Out of This World:



The first series ran for 23 issues - you can view them on the GCD here:


And the second, 10 issues:


The holy grail of that title is OOTW #17 which reprinted Amazing Fantasy #15 and which now commands eye watering premiums. Here's my old copy, now long gone alas:



A recent sale :eek:



You can read up on Alan a bit more here:


And here is a nice video interview of the man himself:

We won't see his like again, nor the simplicity of the times he operated in.


What a gentleman. Fascinating.

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