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EDIT:  @rjpb has provided proof that he isn't the Ebay seller.  My apologies!




I will be nominating @rjpb for probation.


This thread says it all.



I won this book on Ebay and cancelled my order after I paid.  Now the seller is offering it here for more money.

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6 minutes ago, gunsmokin said:

I’m assuming you can show proof of that transaction 

I sent a screenshot of the offer to the OP, who I will note offered no proof that I was the seller on ebay before making the accusation. Most people who have dealt with me know my ebay and board handle are the same.

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Just now, Nic8612 said:

@rjpb  did send me this 

Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 4.19.31 PM.png


I'm just not sure how that's possible though when I paid for it

If the seller cancelled your order, they are then able to make second chance offers. You would need to ask the seller why they did that.

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4 hours ago, Nic8612 said:

"out of stock" was the only reason given

Well there is likely more to the story. Since you came here accusing people based on assumptions, I'll assume you likely came across as trouble to the ebay seller, so he cancelled the sale and blocked you.

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