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3 hours ago, Straw-Man said:


Such a legendary cover.

I think Steranko said he did this one in one night - as the deadline was the next morning.
(He had grabbed the assignment the day before while in the Marvel offices)

Original attached - you can see the difference in the Hulk's face. I believe Marie Severin was tasked with altering that.

Steranko-Hulk Annual 1-original cover art.jpg

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4 hours ago, Straw-Man said:


I love this story. Such a cool and unexpected team-up!
Ditko just killing it with his two main characters.

This issue, FF Annual #2 with Doom, both JIM Annuals, then Spidey Annual #1 and FF Annual #1 are just the best examples of early awesome Marvel.

Thank you for posting all of these!!!

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