Frank Miller dropped from Thought Bubble over Holy Terror...
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ooh, when I read this this morning I was missing the boards so much!

It isn't just Holy Terror, people have some issues (obviously less intense ones) with 300 as well.

It might help if FM was a little more proactive about this...he seems to understand the reaction HT had and essentially disavowed it but could be more explicit if it would move things along

I don't think he has issued a statement or response, has he?

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Things like this are getting wearisome.  If indeed Holy Terror was myopic and skewed in its depiction,  then why not boycott the publisher and all those involved in the project as well ? Why only pick on Frank ? He didnt't print those books in his basement. And let's be consistent,  those who claim that Holy Terror painted a particular religion in broad strokes without nuance, are doing the same to Frank by labelling him a bigot. He has already apologised. Let's move on. This pc culture is draining us off opportunities to discus serious issues in any depth. I fear we are inexorably limping towards intellectual flaccidity. 

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