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Magazines & Other Misc Stuff For Sale!!
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Tentative schedule for this multi day thread:

Monday 4pm EST- Red Sonja Card Sets w/album, Gerber Photo Journal Guides, TPBs, HCs, Magazine sets, single magazines if time
Monday 8pm EST- Misc Magazines

Wednesday 4pm- EC Related & other misc magazines/fanzines UPDATED
Wednesday 8pm EST- This will be Epic!  As in, high grade Epic Illustrated (plus other magazines)

The rules:

I accept first unconditional & unedited  :takeit:with item info here in the thread or PM, text, email, phone call or smoke signal from comicdonna, timestamp wins(I get emails of all posts and PMs for timestamps). Payment due within 7 days unless arranged before "I'll Take It" or book may be reposted for sale, I accept Paypal, checks, MOs(sorry no International money orders), Venmo, I think it's reasonable to expect if you post "I'll Take It" then you have the time to pay in the stated time frame unless otherwise arranged.  Please do not edit "I'll Take It" posts or post "I'll Take It" unless you are going to complete the transaction.  I'll accept returns mailed within 7 days if item is not as described, undisclosed restoration within 30 days, no returns on slabs. No HOS or Probation list members please.

Shipping starts at $8 in US unless noted, PM for International quote.

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Simon & Kirby Library: Crime HC NM $100 Signed by Joe Simon
Invincible Ultimate Collection HC $25 SOLD!!
Mirage by Boris Vallejo VF $15
Hard Curves The Fantasy Art of Julie Bell VF $15
Love and Rockets Lot #6-48, #50 $500
All 1st prints
Doc Savage Magazine Lot of (7) $275
Twilight Tales #1 F- $50

Comics Journal #82 VF- & #83 NM- $20


Harpoon #1-3 $30
Future #1 NM- $10
In the Days of the Mob #1 Fine $30
w/poster intact
Justice Machine #1 NM-/NM $20
Katy Keene 3-D VG+ $70
Knight Rider Annual 1981 VF $20 SOLD!!
Lloyd Llewellyn #1 VF/NM $15
I, Lusiphur #2 NM- $35
Signed by Drew Hayes
I, Lusiphur #2 VF/NM $20 SOLD!!
Magic Carpet #2 NM $15
Marvel Comics Index #8b F/VF $10
Iron Man


Marvel Graphic Novel #1 Fine $10 Death of Captain Marvel
Marvel Graphic Novel #4 VF/NM $90 New Mutants
Doc Savage #2 VF/NM $10
Doc Savage #3 VF/NM $10
Marvel Movie Premiere #1 NM- $15
Marvel Movie Premiere #1 VF/NM $12
Marvel Preview #1 VF $15
Marvel Preview #2 $90 Copy A
Marvel Preview #2 VF- $80 Copy B
Marvel Preview #13 VF/NM $10 Copy A
Marvel Preview #13 VF/NM $10 Copy B
Marvel Preview #24 NM $15


Marvel Comics Super Special #33 NM- $25
Marvel Comics Super Special #33 NM- $25 Copy B
Marvel Comics Super Special #37 VF/NM $10
Marvel Super Action #1 VF/VF+
Famous Monsters of Filmland #138 VF/NM $20
Movie Monsters #1 VF/NM $40
Manitoba copy
First Graphic Novel #4 NM $20 Nexus


Hulk #23 $25


Terror Illustrated #1 $50
Terror Illustrated #2 VG $35
Crime Ilustrated #2 VG $45
Shock Illustrated #2 VG+ $60
Span Fon #3 $40


Squa Tront #3 VF/NM $30
Squa Tront #5 NM $50
Squa Tront #5 NM- $45
Squa Tront #6 NM- $40
Squa Tront #7 VF/NM $15
Squa Tront #8 NM $25
Comics Journal #177 VF/NM $15
Comics Journal #197 NM $15
EC Fan Addict Fanzine #1 NM- $25
Rocket Blast Comicollector v2 #3 NM $15
From the Tomb #11 F+ $10


Wallace Wood Treasury VF/NM $20
Horror From the Crypt of Fear #9 NM $30
Horror From the Crypt of Fear #10 NM $30
Horror From the Crypt of Fear #11 NM- $25
Horror From the Crypt of Fear #12 NM $30
Horror From the Crypt of Fear #13 NM $30
Fandom's Agent #6/7 $20
Graphic Story Magazine #12 F $10
Graphic Story Magazine #14 VF $20
Seraphim #5 F $15
Roy G Krenkel Portofolio F/F+ $15
Third Rail Magazine #1 NM $20


Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #2 VF/NM $50
Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #3 VF $20
Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #4 VF/VF+ $25
Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #5 VG/F $5
Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #7 VF- $15
Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #12 F $5
Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #17 VG $5
Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #20 NM $75
Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #21 VF- $15
Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #23 Fine $40


Epic Illustrated #6 F/VF $10


Epic Illustrated #13 NM- $15


Tales too Terrible To Tell Lot of (9) $45



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Red Sonja Album w/(3) Sets SOLD!!




Album contains:

2005 Dynamic Forces Red Sonja Complete Set w/inserts
2009 Red Sonja 35th Anniversary: Back to Basics (Dynamic Forces) Complete Set w/inserts
2012 Breygent Red Sonja Complete Set w/Inserts including Sketch Cards & Promos

$195 plus shipping (by weight, max cost $15)

See below for set and insert specifics

2005 Dynamic Forces Red Sonja

Open for scans

  Hide contents

1st (9) Cards from set


Fiery Glow-In-The-Dark Cards (art by Turner, Cassaday, Ross, Rubi, Silvestri, Hughes)



2009 Red Sonja 35th Anniversary: Back to Basics (Dynamic Forces)

Open for scans

  Hide contents

1st (9) cards from set


Holographic Foil Cards


Foil Puzzle Cards



2012 Breygent Red Sonja

Complete Set #1-72
Red Sonja Collector's Album

Red Sonja vs Thulsa Doom #1-3
Puzzle Cards #1-9
3-D Lenticular Cards #1-15
Autograph Cards #1-7
Sketch Cards- (7) Gordon Purcell sketch cards
Hand Colored Art Card- colored by B&A
Bonus #5/5 Polaroid art card(not sure what it is from)

Promo Cards

Promo- 1
Promo- 2
Promo- UK
Promo- UK Show
Rare Promo #12/100
SDCC Promo
Non-Sports Update Promo
Album Promo- 1 (Lenticular)
Album Promo- 2 (Lenticular)
Puzzle (Megacon) 1 not pictured
Puzzle (Megacon) 2 not pictured

Open for scans

  Hide contents

1st (9) Cards from set


Promo Cards


Autograph Cards


3-D Lenticular Cards & Red Sonja vs Thulsa Doom



Puzzle Cards


Sketch Cards (front & back) w/Hand Colored Art Card & bonus Polaroid #5/5






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Gerber Photo Journal Guides Vol 1 & 2 HCs $60 plus shipping, Vol.1 has acetate cover, Vol.2 has minor surface wear to dustjacket SOLD!!


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TMNT 35th Anniversary Box Set Sealed $50 Contains original size reprints of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1984) #1-4 and Raphael #1, quite often seen on ebay as singles, (3) (1) sets available ALL SOLD!!


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Love and Rockets Lot #6-48, #50 $500 All 1st prints


Here are #6-20 (except #14)




  Hide contents


6 F+
7 VF-
9 F+
10 NM-
11 VF+
12 VF+
13 NM-
15 NM-
16 NM
17 NM
18 NM-
19 NM-/NM
20 VF/NM
21 NM
22 NM
23 NM-
24 NM-
25 NM-
26 VF-
27 VF/NM
28 NM-
29 NM
30 NM
31 VF/VF+
32 NM-/NM
33 NM
34 VF/VF+
35 VF/NM
36 VF
37 VF/NM+
38 NM
39 VF/NM
40 VF/NM
41 NM
42 VF+
43 VF
43 VF
44 VF/VF+
45 NM
46 VF/NM
47 NM
48 NM
50 NM-

Includes #14 which which has small amount of rust on staples otherwise NM- (not pictured)

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Doc Savage Magazine Lot of (7) $275 High Grade lot contains #1-3, 5-8, F- reading copy of #4 will be included


#1 NM
#2 NM+
#3 NM+
#5 NM+
#6 NM/NM+
#7 NM+
#8 NM-/NM

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Kull and the Barbarians #1-3 Set $45 #1 VF/NM (slight spine roll, printers creases top edge), #2 VF/NM #3 VF (small bug chew upper edge) SOLD!!


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