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  1. I’ve been in their “store”, which is just a couple of converted rooms in an old school. They’ve gotten my Mail because we have similar addresses. I remember seeing them sell the larger SA keys in mid-grades. When they setup at a show locally, they don’t bring any inventory, just multiple copies of a handful of moderns. It’s odd.
  2. I don't believe this to be true. If he's not responsible, then who is?
  3. It's not just the legs, but the whole outfit and the gloves.
  4. Saw this box at an Estate Sale advertisement. Looked like some kind of coverless Western behind the Looney Toons. Have been having good luck with this sort of stuff so I went to check it out. Sixty miles, roundtrip. Was 63rd on the list to get in. Sale also had medium-level stereo and PA equipment. Recognized one local dealer get in about 20th. Bought the box. It's what I guessed it would be: 30% Coverless 90% Funny Animal 100% Early 1950s 95% VG or lesser 100% Superhero free (was hoping against this) Here are the highlights: It was a sixty-mile gamble, but I had to see what was in the box.