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Problem with CGC Case/Holder
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Hi Guys got my slap today and have the following problem something inside is broken so now would u say it Affect the value ? Also it seems Lose inside


Can i get it reholder and would it affect the grade? And one last question how long will a reholder takes?


Thx in advance to everyone that helps


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They should reholder that for you for free.

I have a reholder thats been at CGC for a couple months now.

It was scheduled for grading a month ago.

Thay dont actually grade a reholder so im not sure why its scheduled for grading.

Ive done a bunch of reholders though and it always says that. This one is taking longer than the others though.


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That's a plastic shard that got caught in the case.  Just another QC issue that got bypassed.  If you call or email, they will let you return it as Mechanical Error. 

At CGC, it seems that they believe it is cheaper for them to pay to have it shipped back overnight air UPS, remove the comic, reholder it, and ship it back to you overnight air UPS than it is to just catch it before it leaves the building.  Is there a dunce cap emoji I can use???

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On 3/4/2022 at 2:47 PM, comicfangermany said:

Im not firm with signings but can anyone give me some ifnroamtion when or where i can get it Signed by stegman so it really would be worth the time to wait again and let it grade

I'm not sure about "Stegman" specifically, but here is Crain.

With these CGC in house signings, they try to promise 6 week no press and 8 week with press: turnaround times. :foryou: 


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