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I'm conflicted on this one. Recently, I got my ASM129 back at a 7.5 (after C&P). Mine had a number of slight spine ticks, which yours doesn't. I do notice something around the bottom of the top staple, but it looks different in different photos. The 2 things I see that are not comparable are what looks like a chip out of the bottom right corner of the back cover, and the crease in the bottom right corner of the front cover. So, the question I can't answer is what combination of minor, moderate, major are those 3 defects. A hard grader might drop to a 7.0 based on the crease. To get to an 8.0, my reading of CGC grading scale says the crease would have to be a moderate defect with, more or less, an otherwise perfect book. There's a little bit of grime on the back cover that will hopefully clean. I will go 7.5±0.5 with the caveat that the book will present better than the grade.

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