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  1. Did you guys who have gotten books back already get them pressed? All of the books I submitted that I'm having pressed are still "Received at CCS."
  2. I believe CGC is typically open to providing either a green label or a reduced grade if the customer indicates a preference on the submission form, so feel free to at least give it a try.
  3. I got a book back about a week ago that didn't get pressed. The rest of my submissions are still "Received at CCS." Looks like the signing took place over the second week in May, so target the second week in July for pressed books.
  4. I don't believe CGC ever authenticates the sketch, whether the label is yellow/black or green. the question is whether the sketch is so intrusive as to have an impact on the book's grade. So for example, I don't see a blank sketch cover ever getting a green unless there's some other reason it would get the green. This doesn't explan why the venom cover got the yellow/black, but maybe some things just need to get chalked up to growing pains, learning curves and human error.
  5. I wonder if ALL sketched books will get the green, or whether some can get the yellow label? I sent in an authentix sketch cover that literally has a box in the center for a sketch. And it was a well-known promotion with Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti when they took over Marvel Knights that they did 300 sketches on books - penciled by Joe and inked by Jimmy. And what about blank covers that are intended obviously to be sketched? Will those get yellow/black or green?
  6. Sent this one in as a tester. I’ll post the results when it comes back. The sigs are clearly genuine, and I’m curious to see how they handle the sketch and numbering.
  7. A few upgrades to some early DD’s. I love these early books.
  8. This is not a bad guess. They'll need to distinguish the verified signature from the witnessed signature somehow, but I'm sure they paid a tremendous amount of money to acquire JSA. They're not going to spend that much money to give it a less-desirable designation, like a striped or different-colored label. Their goal is to sell this, not to buy it and then scream that it's less valuable than a witnessed sig.
  9. I know the deadline only recently passed, but does anyone know when the Wolverine signing is actually taking place? I'm particularly interested in Miller and Claremont.
  10. That sub crease is what’s going to keep this grade down from a 7.5 or so. I think with the crease it’s a 6.0 or possibly a 6.5, depending on the cumulative impact of the spine and water staining. Beautiful grail!
  11. I appreciate and am glad CGC is offering this. It’s been too long that CBCS was the only game in town for verified sigs. They do it with baseballs, autographs and all kinds of collectibles. I’ll be happy with a yellow label that distinguishes between “Witnessed” and “Verified” sigs, and the market will determine the difference in value.
  12. Yeah, I'm enjoying it and I'm pretty close. I've already got 2 in an 8.0 and 7 in an 8.5. I'm working on 6, 8 and 10. Bought a 3 at a 6.5, had it cleaned and pressed, and it came back as an 8.5. I was really happy with that bump.
  13. Congrats on pulling that fantastic copy! You're going to love it. I started collecting comics on Frank Miller/Klaus Janson's DD run in the late 70s. Ninjas were absolutely huge back then. I used to walk to Moondog's Comics when I would visit my grandparents' house and check out all the Daredevils. Moondog's is sadly gone now, but it won the inaugural Spirit of Retailer Eisner Award as a great comic shop. I'm currently working on getting 2-10 in 8.0+. My #1 is a 5.0 signed by Stan the Man. Love that book.
  14. I really like that idea - though I'm sure it would be super expensive. They should make it an option - like a custom label.
  15. Keep those photos safe because you won't be able to enjoy them anymore once the books are slabbed. That's the only downside of the old-time first page sig.
  16. Strictly speaking, nothing “deserves” anything. It’s a nice book that was signed by the creators as part of a highly-public, limited edition/numbered sketch/sign. It’s got Joe Q. and Jimmy P. on there, and so to me it’s just silly to have a green label that reads “two names written on cover.” I need them to tell me that on the label? I’m really excited to see how they’ll handle art on the covers because I would love to get it a yellow label if possible. I collect a lot of signed/sketched books and like to display them, and the green stands out like a sore thumb.
  17. This book has two signatures - one witnessed and one unwitnessed. They could do something like this as people have said, that uses two colors - here there's a stripe across the top. It wouldn't make sense to keep using green, since that will still be associated with Qualified books. Maybe a darker orange? That said, my preference would be to stick with a yellow label, and then just notate it. For example, with this book it could say, "Signed by Frank Miller on 10/15/23; Verified Signature by David Mazzucchelli."
  18. Hate the green label. This was done before CGC existed. I bought it raw and had it slabbed - would love yellow, and it deserves it.
  19. I don't want to split hairs here, but this is not really accurate. JSA uses scientific techniques to provide an opinion within a reasonable degree of scientific certainty that a signature is or is not authentic. It doesn't mean they're perfect - but they're using scientifically accepted techniques to opine that a signature is or is not valid with a certain degree of confidence. CGC, on the other hand, uses non-scientific standards that it created to ascribe an opinion of condition/rating to a book. These are totally different processes. I'm not saying JSA is perfect or has never been wrong, but they can say, for example, "we're 97.2% certain that this is X's signature."
  20. This is fantastic for me! I've got a book from DD's Born Again run (thanks so much Rich Henn) that has a witnessed sig by Frank Miller, and is also signed by David Mazzuchelli, unwitnessed. The book has a yellow label with a green stripe across the top and said "name written on cover". If I get that re-graded it should say something like "Witnessed Miller Sig, Verified Mazzuchelli Sig." And since Mazzuchelli never signs stuff, I'm glad to be able to do that.
  21. The announcement was absolutely clear that this is the path to having CGC-graded books that were signed but unwitnessed. That other company gives them a yellow label and notes the difference between "witnessed" and "verified." Something like that would make a ton of sense here.
  22. You're in luck with CGC's announcement today that they're going to start authenticating and grading verified sigs!