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The copy is not nearly as nice as the one that was posted several days ago, but what can a guy do? I bought this quite a while ago advertised as NM (along with 181 & 340). Long story short, once I had them in hand I could tell that was a wildly inaccurate grade. To give you some idea of how long ago this was, the asking price was in the ballpark of $300 for the lot, and I walked away having paid <$150 after a buyer protection claim. Smash cut to ~5 months ago, I got around to sending the 181 graded and it came back at 6.5 after C&P (Cert # 4061365005). What say you, do I have a chance of getting a 6.5 on this one? The 181 had some scuffing along the spine and on the back cover, I think this one is better in that regard. The little creases at the corner may be a bit more noticeable here. No C&P on this yet, but it's obviously part of the plan. Not a collector as an investment person, but this one has had good ROI. 









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On 7/2/2022 at 10:17 PM, Bayowolf said:

Is that reflection or is the cover severely abraded to the left of Hulks caption on the FC? 


The reflection makes it look worse, but that's real defect. It's similar (and almost in the same place) as what's on the 181. This is not quite as bad as the 181 IMO ( I had been worried it would drag the other grade way down, but the pressing at least made it presentable I suppose.

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