CGC ruined my book in private signing
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I submitted a brand new Silver Surfer Rebirth #1 to CGC for the Mico Suayan private signing and remarking, paying $150 for the service. I received the book from BigTimeCollectibles, and it was in excellent condition. I took a picture of it and checked it over to make sure it was a 9.8, and it was, so I send it off. I don’t send ANY modern books in unless they are at least a 9.8/9.6. I receive the book back, and it’s graded at 9.2 (Grader’s Notes: light staining on the cover). I know, for a fact, there was not a stain on the cover! There doesn’t even appear to be a stain in encapsulation. I have emailed and called CGC to try to figure out what went wrong and how to get this rectified, but have not received a satisfactory answer yet. I got in touch with one agent who said someone’s book had recently been ruined when a handler/artist spilled hand sanitizer on it! What the hell?? I know you sign a waiver, but, to me, that means minor dings, not someone STAINING YOUR BOOK! This is absolutely careless and ridiculous on the part of CGC. I’ve also included pictures of multiple stress marks that were not there and the comparison image I took before sending it off. I don’t send books to you to destroy, CGC! At least have the decency to refund the signing/remarking. I didn’t pay $150 to havemy book “stained.” Someone needs to answermy inquiry, and you need to correct this, CGC!








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Never seen that cover before, it is a very cool book.

Your story is a perfect example of what can happen if you send a book for signing and encapsulation. Once the book leaves your possession it is at risk to a wide variety of threats. Sorry it happened.

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