Namor The Submariner.. was a GIANT in the 1940's!
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On 10/2/2022 at 4:18 AM, N e r V said:

Golden age comics artists had such terrible perspective on their art. Now silver age that’s where we got great looking perspective…uh, never mind..:nyah:



Marvel gorilla covers were obviously much rarer than DC's. First one I can remember seeing.

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I wonder who was the first artist to use this "design" where the usually normal size character is suddenly a giant.  Fantastic Comics #'s 3 and 5 (Feb and April 1940). More Fun 52. sort of,  Feb. 1940. More Fun 54 April 1940 Spectre is definitely a giant. Did Spectre, and/or Samson, have the ability to change their size? Green Mask #1 and Blue Beetle #2 they're giants. More Fun 62 and Batman 5 the people are in their hands. That would make them like 80 feet tall. 

Detective 31 if that counts is the earliest example I can think of.

It probably started sometime back in the Pulp days  



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