Please help me understand CGC grading and consistency.
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Hello all, 

I'm looking for an explanation on the below.

I have two cards that were originally perfect quad 10's.

I resubmitted them and they came back 9.5/9

That's a big difference. I'm just wondering what happened and where is the consistency?

Espeon V UR

Cert 4036796045 regraded as 4134301001

Dragapult VMAX

Cert 4078900017 regraded as 4134301002

Do you know how this could happen? The grades are so far off that I feel defrauded. I purchased the quad 10 cases on eBay btw but did go through the eBay authentication process.

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Would be great to hear from CGC why this happened, especially centering.

Bet you don't hear a word though. Grading companies are all the same at the end of the day man, they're just throwing darts at numbers half the time.

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