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Just picked up a couple copies of the Paradigm Trigger Lugia 325/S-P promos for the PC, and noticed one of them does not have a texture layer. Anyone else see this kind of error? Advice for error submission would be great so that if I send it in alone it does not get lumped into the normal textured version?

Pics attached for preview. IMG_0582.JPG.8145e5b97644a351481375ebea74f17d.JPGIMG_0584.JPG.2a7eee0b72a5fbbb10214ba304e4f205.JPGIMG_0585.JPG.c77f18f57ef44c5caf4706685161edec.JPGIMG_0586.JPG.afb353f29dff69fd275debb997bdf692.JPGIMG_0582.JPG.8145e5b97644a351481375ebea74f17d.JPG


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