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Slab Label Centering Issues

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On 9/10/2021 at 5:41 AM, Ben Sloc said:

I think the only reason that I would grade one is to prove that it is an authentic card.

Honestly I wouldn't even respond to anyone that is questioning why you do what you do in the hobby. That is for no one else's edification to begin with and only serves to judge right from the onset. If you want to get a card graded then just do it.

But, then again, if you look at the post history of the person you responded to you'll find that's pretty much all they do so here we are. 

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In terms of answering your question, it's something I hadn't even noticed before, and from that I can only conclude that it just isn't a big deal to me, even after your pointing it out. I can see why you'd be concerned though, for sure. 

I'd also add that CSG has a lot more to worry about right now than the centering on their labels. People are pissed, no matter how illogical, about their estimated TATs and other issues that a select and VERY loud few, esp on these boards, have been voicing their opinions on for awhile now. At one point, CSG literally lost the credit card numbers of seemingly everyone that submitted one at one point, their slabs are still getting about 50-60% the value of PSA, and still lagging behind SGC in terms of value, too, so there's just a lot they need to work on. 

Again, I'm not saying there isn't value in what you are asking here, but I'd imagine it's item #57692363765 on a list of things a new company needs to take care of.  


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  • Administrator

@Ben Sloc

I apologize for the centering issue on your CSG slab.  I have forwarded this information to our quality control to look into the labels being printed off-center.  

Please utilize our new, self-serve Mechanical Error feature on the Online Submission form to return your item for correction.

Thank You & Have a Great Day!

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