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  1. FYI--- IF YOU HAVE ORDERS at CSG right now, that were done with SUBGRADES BEFORE the announcement you are still GETTING CHARGED FOR SUB-GRADES they put on cards... NO OPTION. They want the cash. CSG should AT LEAST, for those of us who SPENT tons with them, WAVE ALL SUB-GRADE fees on any orders at CSG. REGARDLESS HOW LONG THEY WERE AT CSG.
  2. Just talked to CSG, IF YOU HAVE ORDERS THAT ARE AT CSG THAT WERE FINISHED BEFORE THE ANNOUNCEMENT YOU RE STILL GONNA GET CHARGED FOR THE SUB-GRADES!!! THAT IS AN ABSOLUTE JOKE SHOW. ANOTHER SCREW YOU, TO THOSE OF US WHO BOUGHT INTO CSG. I HAVE SPENT $1000'S WITH CSG, AND NOW THEY ARE CHANGING LABEL, AND NOW SUB-GRADES DON'T MATTER, BUT LET US STILL CHARGE YOU. The lady on the phone said that she would forward my concern to Shane. CSG does not care about customers. If they did, they would WAVE every SUB-GRADE fee, for every ORDER that is still at CSG REGARDLESS of how long they have been sitting there at CSG plant.
  3. I used to be excited and anxious about getting orders done, and seeing grades. Now I just assume the grades will suck, and I am never disappointed. I don't expect to see 10s from CSG, my new game, is trying to guess how much money I wasted per order on sub-grades (all of it).. and to guess how much they let me down. Never disappointed that why.
  4. I only paid that because it was express, which at time was a myth that your package got opened first and other submissions got loaded too... and it was supposed too have sub-grades too... I am not a fan of SGC, and I have tons at PSA now.. so, figured if it helped my other orders get opened was okay.. I have had it help other orders.. not this one! LOL!
  5. First CSG lost this package for 5 weeks,was marked express, sent 2 boxes in same day, other order got done in appropriate time.. this order was lost, admittedly by CSG, then I get the card back, and see it is not even close to the right label. So now have to resend this back, will be gone again for weeks. This wasn't the first time they lost an express or walk through, and certainly not 1st time they jacked up a label- I get it.. mistakes happen, but WHERE is the quality control before label is made and before it is shipped?? Supposedly they have stage just for double checking the order. Then I am put on hold for 15+ mins, cause I want to talk to a mgr, not someone new who has no idea even what I am talking about. Have 2000 more cards, and would like to keep subbing with them, but this is getting ridiculous. What I liked about CSG is customer service and people calling back, now that sucks. Not paying $92 a card to have a half-assed job done.
  6. Paid for an order last week that was 100% DONE, and in SAFE, ready to be shipped. PAID for it, well here we are 10 days later STILL NOT shipped. I 100% HATE BEING LIED too. Would rather they tell me the truth, "WE JUST WANT YOUR MONEY, PAY US SO WE CAN HOLD IT FOR AWHILE"... instead of BS, it's ready to ship....
  7. Why would they want to put out a POP report now? So everyone can see how few 10's they put on cards?? So people can person_without_enough_empathy and complain even more, and then have evidence to what we already know, they are toughest grades in the business?? If I was CSG, I would never release one. Keep everyone guessing. Also, a seller, does a POP 1 really mean anything when you are selling CSG cards?? No. Heck, I can barely move 9.5 GEM's(smh) or even 10's of CSG stuff.
  8. They used to return calls, and respond to emails, now nothing. I can show you a bunch of examples if you need the proof. It's all good, I owe them money on several invoices, I won't pay another dime until they get my orders to me I have already paid. They want paid, put cards in my hands that I have paid for, if not, oh well they can sit in the "safe". I am in no hurry.
  9. Not quite that OCD, but I see it. Never really noticed it that much. SO many other issues to worry about before the label. But I do see it in your examples.
  10. All of the moderators work there now. So answer would be yes, to your question. That's why we are in the ASK CSG spot. they will answer your basic questions, but won't go to far behind the curtain.
  11. Why is it taking 7-8 days to get paid orders, that are finished, and are in the "safe" moved to shipping? I paid for an order last Tuesday, that I 100% know was total complete, and here we are week later, and cards still are not shipped? I called customer service on Thursday, was told they would be moved to shipping on Friday. I know CSG was closed Monday, but here we are another day, and still grades aren't posted, and not moved to receiving/shipping area. PSA posts graded the day you pay and order is complete. Shipping takes 2 days from California to me on 99% of orders. This is an area CSG has to get better at. NO way should a paid order, ready to ship, take 7-8 days to post and ship to customer. Love alot things about CSG, but their shipping/posting grades when order is done is a F+ at best.
  12. That's good. Just not my cup of tea. Will never use them myself or buy any of them. I am not a "Tux" fan.
  13. I am moving them, but it is a daily battle. Do I wish I didn't tie up so much in slabbing with them? Probably. I do love the looks of the slabs, but instantly people see CSG and immediately want cheap price. What blows my mind is SGC has such a loyal crowd, and I see them selling very well. I hate their slabs.
  14. Not even close to accurate. And personally, I think SGC sucks. I hate the boring looking of black and white. I have sold some big cards via CSG.. I do prefer resell on PSA, but not a $200 a pop.. unless the card is a $5000+ card in PSA 9..
  15. My guess is they don't want to show a Pop report right now. With lack of 10's, people would freak out, and not send in cards. Not saying that is right or wrong on our end(collectors), but bottom line is bottom line. When people see 90%+ or higher are coming back at 9's or less, they won't go with that grading company, no matter who it is. PSA built up such a massive POP report with GEMS, they can say "see you can get 10's".. personally experience with CSG about 1 in 40 cards gets a Pristine 10... my Gem ratio is way higher with PSA and that equals more $$ return on investment.
  16. From someone who works there- they were getting buried in quick submits, and making too many mistakes, and profit margin didn't justify to keep doing it. People were sending in massive orders, and they did not have the staff to handle it.
  17. Trust me, I have wrote exacly what I wanted in the box, and notes, they don't read them, or disregard them. I have so many examples.. I want mine to read exactly like a PSA card, they botched it several times. Granted they are fixing them, and yes paid for shipping. But now I am waiting 4 more weeks on their errors.
  18. That is part of the problem, those of us that used csg, didn't use them to sell our cards at bargain prices!! Lol! But that is the case... they are not bringing what PSA gets or even close. But for buyer's, yes,fantastic deals! 😎 all good!
  19. KBost33

    Whatnot App?

    It is so clunky, and really only thing that is beneficial is if you can a "live" show spot... selling listed cards is not really better deal than Ebay... and really the best place is myslabs. com. only 1% fee... it its best site..
  20. That is pretty fair thing for CSG to do. I know they are busy! Now, if we can only get CSG to get cards moved from the safe, to shipping a little quicker, or post the grades when they are paid for. Shouldn't have to wait for them to move to shipping. Especially, when you pay for a completed order on Weds morning, and they still aren't moved from shipping. CSG really did nice job by listening to the customers, and update the form so we can see past orders! Now next step is to move paid orders, to shipping ASAP, or at least post the grades. PSA posts the grades INSTANTLY when an order is done and paid for. CSG has the upper hand by being only company that posts pictures of cards, but that does no good when paid orders sit for days in shipping. Yes, I know the order I am talking about is complete, in the safe, and should have been moved to shipping on Thursday, was told they were completed by accounting. Like the progress on the form area though!!
  21. SO HAPPY WITH THE NEW UPDATED FORM AREA.. FINALLY we can see cards we sent in, print off old packing slips etc.... Really nice! Just wish we could have a tab ot make it get rid of all the orders that are already shipped back.... but will take what we have for now! THANKS CSG for listening to the people!
  22. Go to form, and click submission... saw I had a cart there.. and all the orders were there!! VERY NICE! Thank you for listening to the customers on that!!
  23. Don't ever assume your card is gonna get a 10.. After doing this for awhile with CSG, I personal will not use Express or walk-through... there is no need to pay that amount, knowing it super tough to get a 10... Now, if card is still a $1000+ card even in a 9, or 8, okay I will pay express... but truthfully, I have lost so much money on express... but that is just me...Not trying to cost CSG money, but being 100% honest based on my own cards... I have not sold any CSG cards for over $1000 yet... and I have had some "big" ones too.. even my GEM 10 Tatis yellow Border Bowman didn't sell for $1000.... all that extra money cost you profits.. I am now always gonna error on side of taking more time to grade, less to pay on grading tier..