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Re-slab and Re-grading

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On 5/22/2022 at 7:27 AM, Dominic Garcia said:

Im looking at a card that is graded CSG graded 9.5 (Sub Grads= Centering-9, All Others- 9.5). Should this this card be sent in to reslab and regrade for a possible 10 grade? I thought that CSG no longer does the .5 grading anymore.

CSG still has half grades. They discontinued the sub-grades. As for the "10" reholder... that depends on you. CSG refuses to name an end date to the "automatic 10" for green 9.5 reholders, so there is no incentive to taking the upgrade. If CSG really wanted people to swap out their green 9.5 cards to black 10s, they would set a hard deadline, after which any 9.5 would need to be sent in for regrade, not just reholder.

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Well, they sort of have a deadline for the $5 switchover (June 10, I believe).  After June 10, I think it will be $10 to have it reholdered?  But as northkorea said, they haven't said how long they will switch the old 9.5s over.

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