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Centering importance on grade

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I’ll admit I am a bit fixated on centering.  But it seems inconsistent amongst the TPGs.  PSA appears to not consider it a relevant quality (10s that are off center, 8s without an entire border - fronts not backs). Just saw a CSG “10” in new silver label and it’s OC on the front and had no border on one side of the back.  Several of my exact same cards (89-90 hoops Jordan) have come back 9.5 from CSG with nowhere near this level of OC.  Is OC just acceptable as a flaw across the hobby these days?  To me edges and corners are not 50% of the card.  They are simply “the perimeter” of the card and should total 1/4 not 1/2.  Is this an anomaly or am I just not getting that nobody cares about obvious centering but the edges and corners are super important at 10x magnification?  Just trying to understand what I’m buying and selling better.  If the difference in an 8.5 and a 10 is predominately in corners and edges I can’t see without magnification?  

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I feel the same @Erik Mattson. I prefer centering the most and feel it should carry more grading weight. I look at a raw card's condition with centering first, corners, surface and then edges.....and then the back which I don't care too much about.

I'm actually really happy when I see a well centered raw card with sharp corners but then after closer inspection with proper light and magnification I find something on the surface and yell "Ugh darn it" lol.

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