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Received back my Mark Brooks signing. Sent in Sept and was signed on 02/16/2022.  Did not see CGC post pics/video of signing like they normally do.  Looks like he was Dallas Con around time so maybe he signed there?

Books were not pressed so happy with the grades.  Who know if press would've improved the grade? 



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Sent in 4 for the Terry Austin signing.  3 will have to go back, but here is the only one that didn't have any issues and could not be any happier with it.


one of the others that has to go back.


you can see the issues with the others here..


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My last remaining Brian Michael Bendis book finally arrived.  Books signed on 03/20/22

I sent in 2 books, both to be pressed by CCS.  The difference of the 2 was that the Ultimate Spider-Man has a custom label and that came about a month after the other book which had none.  Is custom labels delaying books?

For the books, I sent in Iron Man raw and for Ultimate Spider-Man it was already slabbed and graded 9.2.  Was hoping for bump and at the worse, to stay the same grade and it did, so all good.  I forgot the issue was also a Newsstand so nice surprise for me.  Need to find comps for it.






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Received new shipment from signing that occurred at Wicked Comic Con in Boston back in 04/22.  It was my first experience with Captured Collectibles and was very positive. There was some artists who I wanted to get books signed (Ken Ashley, Sean Murphy and Klaus Janson) and they were the facilitators on site. They took the time to walk me through the process as this was my first time doing so and accompany me to each signing. As part of the package, I requested pressing/cleaning (esp DD 184 which initially was in bad shape).  Books took close to 7 months but they were great throughout wait. They were responsive to my emails giving me status updates and were also able to add custom labels to them (those were new labels added to CGC after the signing so I was fortunate to get them and they do look nice).   I was very happy with the results and with my experience with them.  Note, they shipped books to me and did not come from CGC direct.





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More recent submissions I got back.  Posted under the Progress discussion / topic the time lines for these.

Happy with the way the books turned out.  Love the custom labels.  Opted for Spidey rather than the Gleason custom label and the Silk is very Yellow with the SS label :) 




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