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  1. I have qualified green label Dynamic Forces Superman "signed by Siegel" and Batman "signed by Bob Kane" books that were already graded. Suppose I submit these (and assuming sigs are authenticated), will they go again through the regrading process, or will they honor the existing CGC grade. I assume the former, but would be interesting nevertheless since they already graded the book in the first place. And yes, I think they should have a different color label for authenticated sigs (perhaps orangey yellow) and not just a notation or a stripe like the qualified yellows.
  2. An almost 9.8 SS Watchmen run, still looking for the last one
  3. Dave Gibbons signing event had to go trans Atlantic. Only way to get it done.
  4. I'm curious to what the reason is for wanting a new serial number.
  5. Nostalgia comes and goes. I collect interesting stuff because I wasn't able to afford them before or I (or parents) threw them away. Comes in phases -- I did star wars, gijoes and transformers, japanese robots, legos, nintendo game & watches, etc. -- almost everything reached a point where I thought "I bought too much" and "what was I thinking" and that's were I hit my "balance". I trim the collection to keep what is dear to me and sell off the extra to fund the next nostalgia. Then lather-rinse-repeat.
  6. My submissions have hit 'Shipped' I sent in 2 Watchmen slabbed 9.6, one retained the grade. The other comes back as a 9.2, a bit disappointed as it is the first downgraded slabbed submission for a CGC event. I acknowledge the risk, but maybe something happened as it crossed the pond. Win some lose some.
  7. My Gibbons submissions finally moved yesterday to SFG (last date update was back in March).
  8. Ditto, my Ross submissions had scans. Can't download it though, but Print Screen button does the trick nicely. Is this photo process automated (e.g., comes out of an assembly line belt into a photo machine)? Does it affect turnaround time queue?
  9. No on the Stan Lee label -- you won't get the custom label back. Just get a new book and keep the yellow as is. I have no opinion on Deadpool. Only LIefeld SS books I have are Youngblood 1 and X-Force 11.
  10. This is the acetate cover, right? I was curious on this, is the sig on the acetate or on the paper cover? Nice book, I want to have the entire CGC SS set someday
  11. Dual signed from Ross and Waid CGC in-house signings.
  12. Not comics related, but Lego will be releasing a Captain America shield soon, he might get a kick putting that together https://www.lego.com/en-us/product/captain-america-s-shield-76262
  13. Obviously major turnaround delays would ensue it they started requiring grader notes on non 9.8 books.
  14. Sold them a long time ago, but this was when Jim Lee sigs were still free (Wondercon 2009 San Francisco - Moscone Center). Stopped by the CGC booth to literally ask how this SS thing works, then bought 2 books off a table and had a facilitator follow me (found out later he was one of the leaders/pioneers at CGC).
  15. Do they ship the books to the UK or is the signing stateside?
  16. They tried with the custom Batman label before for a limited release, so all hope is not lost. Would like to see a Superman and Watchmen label someday.
  17. Was thinking of submitting for both Kuberts at Megacon Orlando later this month but too late for that now.
  18. The angel and the devil. Double-signed by artists and Todd (and with full name too). Me happy.
  19. I hope (and should) CGC expedites and makes it right for you.
  20. Mine were shipped yesterday, 3 books that retained their 9.8 grade. Hoping to get the elusive exclusive trading card with it
  21. Ross, Gibbons and McFarlane were on my wish list for a long while so I had to go for it and worry about my wallet later.