Fantastic Four Collecting Thread!
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I'm really impressed by the number of folks on the boards who own a FF #1! 893applaud-thumb.gif


It's the last SA FF I don't own.

Soon I will I hope... 893crossfingers-thumb.gif


Here was the second last FF I needed I got in July (or was it June-Time flys when you get old):




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Tell ya, I am starten to enjoy FF.

I think it will be my next run to own.

SA-Bronze. Plus the 100 Anniversaries.

893scratchchin-thumb.gif, I think that's it for FF.

but ASM still #1.

My Goal For X-Men is almost completed.

As for it, I may not do anything else for that title. Till I have my shot at the two I want to collect.

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I don't have some of the single digit beauts on display in this thread but I'll roll out the Green Rivers I have. FF have always been my favorite title. Bar none.....


Thanks jimjum.....




Thanks Harley Yee.....
















Blazing Bob.....




Doug Schmell again......



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