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Dell Comics - UK Price Variants

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Dell Comics - UK Price Variants

Hello Reader :)

Here is a summary of the Dell UK Price Variants (UKPVs) that I have found hiding between the dates of April 1960 and July 1961 inclusive.

UK Price Variants were printed in the USA at the same time as their cents priced counterparts. They are part of the same first printing run and are not reprints. If you would like to know more about them, please click the picture below and you'll be magically transported to the Archie discussion thread in which we talk about them in more detail:

       Pointer.png.c4fc522abafbd3b2d02d015e9192c939.png 1255817597_dell(2).thumb.jpg.2545b8e416721275a818cea3552af3ec.jpg

The Headlines

  1. Dell comics are unique among the seven known UKPV producing publishers in respect of their cover / indicia month format – often, Dell books are dated with multiple months rather than a single month as is the case with Archie, Charlton, DC, Gold Key, King and Marvel. For the purposes of my research, where titles are cover / indicia dated with multiple months (e.g. May-July) the first month is recorded as the cover date.
  2. Dell UK Price Variants have been found to exist between the cover dates of April 1960 to July 1961 inclusive. Across those cover dates, a total of 421 cents priced comics exist spanning the 40 titles for which one or more UKPVs has been confirmed. At the time of writing, 223 of them have a matching single printed price UKPV confirmed.
  3. Within the 40 titles which have at least one UKPV book confirmed, Dell Giant and Four Color represent one title each.
  4. At the time of writing, no UK Price Variants have been found for the following 15 titles which exist in the UKPV date range:
    1. Beep Beep, The Road Runner
    2. Beetle Bailey
    3. Carl Anderson's Henry
    4. Comic Album
    5. Daffy Duck 
    6. Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan 
    7. Little Iodine
    8. Marge's Little Lulu 
    9. Marge's Tubby
    10. Nancy and Sluggo 
    11. New Terrytoons
    12. Peanuts
    13. Popeye 
    14. Tip Top Comics 
    15. Walter Lantz Woody Woodpecker
  5. The earliest Dell UKPV books I have found are cover dated April 1960, priced at 9d. 16 ongoing titles and a further 3 Four Color issues currently share this honour (18 books in total).
  6. Three books are currently tied as being the final dated UKPV books, dated July 1961. They are Have Gun Will Travel #10, Wagon Train #10 and the Four Color #1205 (titled David and Goliath). Four Color #1236, titled King of Kings, is indicia dated 1961 making it difficult to place. It is believed to have hit the newsstands in September 1961.
  7. 69 of a possible 150 Four Colors have been found (150 being based on issues #1087 to #1236). Most of the current UKPV gaps are expected to be by design, especially towards the later dated issues. Peter Gun (#1087) is the first known copy indicia dated April-June 1960. The King of Kings (#1236) – the first UKPV after a 30 numerical issue break – is indicia dated 1961 and is believed to be the last sequential Four Color UKPV copy.
  8. 10 of a possible 17 Dell Giants have been found. Bugs Bunny Beach Party (#32) is the first known copy indicia dated August 1960 and The Flintstones Bedrock Bedlam (#48) indicia dated 1961 is currently the last known UKPV copy. All 10 copies are priced at 2/-.
  9. I have found only three UK cover prices on Dell books. The ‘regular’ size titles change from 9d to 1/- during the cover months of February and March 1961. The Dell Giant oversize issues are all priced at 2/-.  The three known cover prices are:
    1. 9d (nine pre-decimal old pence)
    2. 1/- (one shilling)  
    3. 2/- (two shillings) for the Dell Giant books
  10. The majority of UKPVs are 'dual priced', i.e. the UK versions have both US and UK prices on them. The US versions have, of course, only the US price (sometimes printed twice!).
  11. The only difference between a pence priced UKPV and its cents priced equivalent is the cover price. Unlike, say, Marvel UKPVs, no other elements differ for Dell books and the indicias are the same in both editions. This is true of every copy I have found so far.
  12. My research shows that a potential maximum of 421 UKPV copies may exist based on the current known appearance dates. However, a number of the gaps in which no pence books have been found are clearly there by design, making the likely eventual UKPV total much lower. I believe the final figure will be 223.
  13. The Dell UKPVs were distributed in the UK by World Distributors limited - see here for confirmation and the self explanatory back cover ads below (click to enlarge):



Happy hunting, if you decide to build a set!

By Stephen Cranch based on v4.1 of the ‘Dell Comics – UK Price Variant Summary’


Confirmed UK Price Variant Titles / Issues      
Title Possible UKPV Number Range* Confirmed UKPV Numbers              Total
Adventures of Mighty Mouse, The 146-151 146, 147, 148 3
Andy Panda (Walter Lantz) 50-54 50-51 2
Bat Masterson 3-7 3-7 5
Bugs Bunny 72-79 72-75 4
Cheyenne 15-22 15-18 4
Colt .45 5-9 5-9 5
Dell Giant 32-48 32, 33, 35,  38-40, 42, 43, 46, 48 10
Four Color 1087-1236 See separate tab 69
Gunsmoke 20-27 20-27 8
Have Gun Will Travel 5-10 5-10 6
Hi-Yo Silver, The Lone Ranger's Famous Horse 34-36 35-36 2
Huckleberry Hound 5-12 5, 6, 8, 11 4
Hugh O'Brian, Famous Marshal Wyatt Earp 11-13 11-13 3
I Love Lucy 27-32 27-29 3
Lassie 49-54 49-53 5
Lawman 4-8 4-7 4
Lone Ranger, The 133-140 133-136, 139 5
Looney Tunes 222-237 222-228 7
Maverick 10-16 10-14 5
M.G.M.'s Spike and Tyke  22-24 22-23 2
Mickey Mouse 71-78 74, 76 2
Porky Pig 70-77 70-72 3
Quick Draw McGraw  2-7 2-4 3
Rifleman, The 3-8 3-8 6
Rin Tin Tin and Rusty 34-38 34-38 5
Roy Rogers and Trigger 137-144 137-139, 141-143 6
Ruff and Reddy 5-10 5-7 3
Sea Hunt 5-10 5-7 3
Tom and Jerry Comics 189-204 189-195 7
Turok Son of Stone 20-24 20-24 5
Tweety and Sylvester 29-33 29-30 2
Wagon Train 5-10 5-6, 8, 10 4
Walt Disney Presents 4-6 5 1
Walt Disney's Chip 'n' Dale 22-26 23 1
Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 235-250 239-241, 244-245 5
Walt Disney's Donald Duck 71-78 73, 75 2
Walt Disney's Scamp 14-16 15 1
Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge 30-34 31, 33 2
Walt Disney's Zorro 10-14 11, 13-14 3
Walter Lantz New Funnies  277-284 277-279 3
Actual Issues in UKPV Cover Date Range: 421 Confirmed UKPV Total         223
*Assuming only April 1960 to July 1961 cover dates exist      






Here are three examples - one for each known cover price :)


1444214392_TomandJerryComics192(Vol.1July1960)9d.thumb.jpg.04e7fee685a7108c776a062655928524.jpg 228683643_FourColor1164WantedDeadorAlive(Mar-May1961)1-.thumb.jpg.1c472e8d958c9017dda47b1fb3f35704.jpg 2083362450_DellGiant43(1961)MightyMouseinOuterSpace(2Shillings).thumb.jpg.2f40c502c02f2a57d3b051fbf360cacc.jpg

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These are good easy to go to check lists. Thanks, Steve.(thumbsu

Thanks Bob - that's the plan mate - all the number lists in one handy spot. Saves trawling the discussion threads...

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