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Collecting Thoughts and Views - packaging

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I am constantly amazed when a seller packages and ships raw books with the cover(s) facing out towards any protective piece of cardboard or worse to bubble wrap. Most know to use cardboard, larger than the books. Most are learning about taping, using painter's tape or leaving a tab to make pulling easy. Most know it is very helpful to use an external bag and place the comics inside so no tape goes onto the actual bag of the comic. Some think about not taping along the spine. But I cannot understand putting a comic in a bag with a backing board and then packaging on the cover side. If there are (2) or more books, place them cover-to-cover! Set the backing boards to the outside. And even more amazing, getting a group of books and the most expensive one is on top with the cover facing the protective cardboard. ??? 

Maybe it's just me but the most expensive books would be towards the middle of the stack, cover to cover and work out always ending with the backing board placed to face out towards the packaging. 

Just a thought

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Completely agree!!!

I have even got to the point where I do not use cardboard for the books, but rather use foam board now. As some of the cardboard can still bend easier. I also use this for between my slabs when shipping. So far to me it seems the foam board is stronger and lighter.  

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Scariest are ones that come from randos on eBay who don’t really specialize in comics but may stumble into some and put them up for sale along with their “inventory” of old coins, army surplus and thrift store clothes. I just found a great bargain on a1940s Superman, but it arrived in a floppy manila envelope packed in newspaper with no bag or backing :facepalm:

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Just got two CGC books from two different dealers. I'll mention the first one Colorado Comics as they used painter's tape and there was no problem.  The second one from a large East coast dealer used standard wide shipping tape and needless to say the outer bag was destroyed in the unwrapping.  Another large dealer from Texas does the same on raw and CGC books. I wrote them a few years ago but it had no effect.

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I still do not get it. We place our comic books in mylar bags and add a stiff backing board to protect them, and yet, when we sell them and package them we place the stack in the box and expose the cover side to the packing material. Why the F###???!!! Package raw comics cover to cover. Use the backing boards in the bag as the outer defense. 

Experienced, well-seasoned sellers do this. And it makes no sense. It should be a collecting "crime" to do this. There should be a list of known bad actors. 


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