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Diary Secrets #2

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This may have been the genesis of this collection...

I obtain this Diary Secrets #2 in 2011 direct from Canada (if you sold it to me, please drop in and say "hello"!).


I recall posting it on the Baker Romance thread and being told it was not the Blue Ribbon Comics #4 (St John Publishing - June 1949) that I was looking for, and that CGC was unable to correctly label either book anyway.  CGC had been labeling BRC #4 as "Diary Secrets #4" (terrible image below, but I don't know where I stored it, and am unable to take it out for a proper updated image....):


And the mis-identification drove my to go find a replacement copy of Blue Ribbon Comics #4 (above).

I'm fairly certain it was a Love Doctor that told me I had a very scarce Canadian edition/print/whatever of the book, and I don't believe I've seen another copy.  In fact, it's not even shown on the Grand Comicbook Database.


One month after the USA "edition", came this fantastic Superior Publishers Limited Canadian copy (July 1949) by arrangement with Archer St John himself!

With the exception of the advertisements, the interior contents appear to match the USA copy.  Inside we have two(!!) Matt Baker stories!



Some weird ink application on the faces of our main characters on the first story, but these Canadians knew how to make a good strike!  The printing plates are likely direct from the USA (different ink and different paper).  I love the cover paper (non-gloss) and how the color ink holds in the paper (vibrant and light).

Size-wise, this is very close to a typical Silver -age comic.


Some fun local ads:


Careful kiddies, you'd better wear safety goggles while inflating your oversized balloon!


Date stamp indicates arrival before even the USA copies!  First print?

The most "serious" problem with this copy is the top spine split and the rough edge appearance, yet I feel this classy book deserves a 4.0.

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On 7/6/2024 at 2:24 AM, Get Marwood & I said:

I want a fun balloon!

Maybe it's the same one flown over the US by China?  :Rocket:

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Cool 🇨🇦 book!!! 

A an aside:  I’ve travelled past the Dundas street address a gazillion times ☺️

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On 7/7/2024 at 2:07 PM, Mavrick76 said:

I’ve travelled past the Dundas street address

Is there still a print shop there???

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On 7/9/2024 at 2:55 PM, Yorick said:

Is there still a print shop there???

The land is being developed into a shiny new condo 🏢

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