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  1. Your descriptions, grading, and extensive photos for your books AND jackets are top notch. Shows yourself to be a real book collector and, when the time comes, a thorough and knowledgeable book seller.
  2. When started collecting romance in earnest, I set out to capture the available data and construct my database. Love on the Racks was the only feasible way to do that, then and now. But I didn't always agree with Nolan's choices on what to include. In her Appendix: Catalog of American Romance Comics, she included Avon's Betty & Her Steady; Charlton's Nurse Betty Crane and Dr. Tom Brent, Young Intern; Dell's Private Secretary; Atlas' Night Nurse; etc. I did not. But I did include the first four issues of Popular Teen-Agers, which Nolan did not. Not because of content- it's clearly teen humour. But I drew the line at getting that granular within the title. You want to change things up, give it a different title which all of them did at the drop of a hat. Otherwise - you're on my list, buddy!
  3. This is one of the ones that I include as a romance book, but Michelle Nolan does not. She counts this title from #9 on. A masterpiece, I tell ya
  4. LOL. Agree with adamstrange and MBFan. By 1951 Baker was body and soul with Archer St. John, having worked for him for 3 years. He wasn't a free lance artist pitching stories for Fiction House or the Iger shop anymore; he had stepped up bigly. He was the main man, an African American given the reins for a considerable monthly portion of St. John's output. Covers and 2-4 interior stories per book on 3 running romance titles as well as Authentic Police Cases and the Texan. He didn't have the time to do a story for the Cole shop. What does body language tell you in this shot of Matt and Archer? That's the logistical side. On the artistic side, Baker's women could perhaps by copied by some, as we've seen from time to time. But his men - never. No one would care to. By 1951, you can always tell a Baker by how the men are drawn. And these men aren't his.
  5. Original Owner. Or OO once removed. Not from an auction or a dealer but a regular scrub like you...and me! Easier perhaps, significantly is relative. 10 years for an 8.0 vs 20, or never? Atomic Atlas are rough across the board. All romance are rough.
  6. Now that's a kick in the jewels. It was all set to be the 2nd highest graded of a big big book. Still has quite the value given the grade and the slight resto - just not as much as it would have been, obviously. This was an OO pickup, yeh? A nice haul, Atlas romance in these grades just aren't out there!
  7. at the same time we've got Anderson tearing it up for Orbit with interiors that are mind blowing
  8. and with this late entry in 54 we bid a very fond farewell to a period of great innovation and experimentation in shading techniques by Pike, Hartley and Colletta Atlas PCR really was quite something with these three
  9. 1950 DC bringing the A+ game right out of the gate just wow
  10. we're already moving on - but this one deserves a particular pin in this thread this is a big book and a big deal - it's not just the price - full ask is a statement by itself congrats to buyer and seller!
  11. Maybe full ask is what it will take. Not out of the question for this book - it's a grail, aint no denying Romance - still undervalued! Comparatively speaking, of course!!
  12. Still there on the new listings list. And it should remain there if accepted, yeh? Not sure how a counter that's accepted would show up though. it's a new submit, and I mean new as in graded 3 days ago. It may not even be in the seller's hands yet. And not willing, as of yet, to trust the HA waters. As in if I can't get my price ima hold.