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  1. I sent 7 to CGC and did not request a pressing. However, I'm second guessing myself. I have zero experience with cleaning, pressing, and grading. So I'm wondering 1) Can I; 2) Should I request to have these pressed? Thanks y'all
  2. They are not scheduled to be. 1) Could I request this after it being shipped? They're currently en route. 2) How much does a pressing cost with CGC?
  3. I recently submitted my first submissions, 7 in total. I'll share them here once a week. Here's week 1:
  4. The top left front corner and top left back corner seem to be the problem areas. As well as minor creasing on the binding.
  5. Day 4: As per the advice of the comic book community, I purchased skinny painters tape, put the glossy side of the boards against the comics, and keep them out of the sunlight. I finally got around to transferring everything into their new home of boards n bags. Today, I bought my first comics I ever bought in my entire life. A Power Rangers and Hawkeye. Both from a local thrift store for $1.40 each. I looked the PR one up online and one raw sold recently for something like $28. Anyways, pictures were taken of the front and back cover of every comic I have, during the transfer process. I've since uploaded everything to my computer and half of them are titled properly in the computer. Once I get the other half done, I think the next step is listing them. I've decided to list individually. I think. That may change.
  6. Yeah I don't think there's any massive gems in the entire collection. Some stuff that is selling for $100 raw but that's about it. Once I have them photographed and repackaged, I believe my next step is to list a bunch online, whether it be here of ebay. Perhaps some bundles, mostly singles, not really sure yet. I'm going to submit the most valuable of the bunch, regardless of their value, because I prematurely already bought the premium membership.
  7. I could absolutely see this happening. I'm already having a lot of fun.
  8. He wanted ones that he thought would be worth the most in the future. Ie #1's. I don't think there was really a specific type or genre.
  9. I thought it might be fun to share this process with the CGC community. First, a brief history: I began my comic book life a few days ago. July 21st 2021 to be exact. My dad bought 112 comics in the late '70s for the sole purpose of an investment (they're all unread). Last week, he asked me to take his collection, sell/flip it, and split the profits. This sounded fun so here we are. Based on my research, I decided to repackage them from the 45 year old bags and scotch tape into something new. I opened an ebay account, purchased bags and backs, created a CGC account, and bought the premium membership. I don't think he has anything of value above $200 and the grading isn't exactly all 9.0 but this experience at the very least will be a fun hobby. Day 1: Transferring
  10. Okay. I didn't realize this was standard for all new accounts.
  11. I would go with the CGC defined 8.5 "VF+8.5 An attractive collectible with a moderate defect or a number of small defects. "
  12. This is imo the most valuable comic I own (I posted in PGM Tarzan my brief history). I have 8 of these but in my humble amateur (a few days) opinion, it's the best of the bunch. Also, I am leaning towards pressing while grading a few of my collection, including this one. Thoughts appreciated.
  13. Holy this image posting thing is harder than I remember. I haven't participated in a 'forum' in 6 years
  14. Link is at the bottom of the OP (black highlighted) I'll learn to post proper image sizes here next time. Thanks!
  15. Can someone enlighten me on why my PGM post has yet to be approved? I linked images to imgur but I thought links to the image were okay.
  16. Last week, I received a box of 1970's comics that my dad was collecting, 110 in total. He said he never read a single one but rather bought them as an investment. I believe the best thing he has is eight Spider-Woman #1s. I'm guessing their grade is between 5.0 - 9.0 but I have no idea. I'm currently in the process of sorting, grading, and selling them. Today, I came across CGC and decided to sign up for the premium membership. Anyways, browsing CGC, found this forum, and thought PGM would be fun. So here's my first post... https://imgur.com/a/AioQCkD