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  1. Thanks for the great suggestions! I've added these to the list!
  2. Just released! Magic: The Gathering Mirrodin sets Pokémon Japanese Sun & Moon sets GG End and Full Metal Wall
  3. Yes, we saw your request for the vintage actors set! Thanks for submitting it! We are a small team but are working to get more TCGs as well as more non-sports categories up as quickly as possible. I would encourage you to continue submitting the set requests as it's our official list of requests that we work from.
  4. Just released! Magic: The Gathering Eighth Edition Sets Pokémon Japanese Sun & Moon Sets Full Metal Wall and Double Blaze
  5. Just released! Magic: The Gathering Scourge Sets Pokémon Japanese Sun & Moon Sets Tag Bolt and Night Unison
  6. Just released! Magic: The Gathering Legions sets Pokémon Japanese Sun & Moon sets Dark Order and GX Ultra Shiny
  7. Just released! Pokémon Japanese Sun and Moon sets Fairy Rise and Super-Burst Impact! Magic: The Gathering Third Stage Onslaught Sets!
  8. Just released! Mars Attacks! - 1962 Magic: The Gathering Third Stage Seventh Edition Sets Pokémon Japanese Sun & Moon sets Sky-Splitting Charisma and Thunderclap Spark
  9. Just released! Pokémon Japanese Dragon Storm and Champion Road sets! Magic: The Gathering Third Stage Invasion sets!
  10. Actually, I've just been advised of a better option and that is the Invalid Slot Failure. If you have created the set in your registry, you can click on the plus sign to add a card to the slot. If that card is not eligible for the slot, it will say "Your card does not fit in this slot. Think this is a mistake? Let us know >" Then click on the let us know link, and it will create an Invalid Slot Failure. If there is no slot for the card you want to add, you can still use this feature, just choose another slot and upon review I will see that both the slot and the card need to be added. The benefit of this is that once we review it and add the card to the slot (or add the slot and the card), it will add your card to your set automatically upon resolving the request. Please see the images below:
  11. Just released! Pokémon Japanese Sun & Moon Ultra Force and Forbidden Light sets!
  12. We will be adding all the Japanese Sun & Moon sets, but we are also working on new Magic sets and sets for some other TCGs as well and are hoping to have those out soon. Unfortunately, we don't have a way for you to see your requests in the queue at this time. But please keep making set requests, we are working through them as quickly as we can and you can always continue to add suggestions here as well.
  13. Here is an update on the scoring algorithm: https://www.cgccards.com/news/article/12329/
  14. Just released! Pokémon Japanese Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon sets!
  15. You're welcome! For existing slots but missing cards, you can still use the request a slot feature, as long as you include the cert # for the card you want added because I always check the card listed in the request and compare to what's in the set. When we pause adding new cards to sets, you will still be able to make the request (and please do so), we just will hold off on reviewing and adding the cards until after the awards.
  16. Thanks for bringing this to my attention! Both cards have been added to the set. Just a note for sets with ongoing additions, such as artist series, we'll be reviewing the sets periodically to add the new cards that are needed, but please continue to use the slot requests when you have something you want to add and we'll look at it right away. We will be pausing adding new cards to any sets as we get closer to the awards, there will be an announcement at that time and after the awards we'll go back to adding them as we get them.
  17. Just released! Pokémon Japanese Sun & Moon Sets Ultradimensional Beasts and GX Battle Boost!
  18. I would recommend reaching out to customer service regarding any order submissions, they will be able to let you know about turn around times. You can contact them at Service@cgccards.com. As for registry sets, those are not automatically created when you submit cards, you would need to put in a request. If you're referring to your Mars Attacks! 1962 set, which we discussed previously, it is already in the queue so you would not need to put in another request, but if there's another set you'd like to see, then you would need to do so.
  19. Just released! Pokémon Japanese Sun & Moon sets Shining Legends and Awakened Heroes!
  20. Just Released! Pokémon Japanese Sun & Moon sets To Have Seen the Battle Rainbow and Darkness that Consumes Light!
  21. Thanks for the great suggestions! As SnorlaxCollective said, we are just getting started! We do really appreciate everyone's input and hope to make the registry the best it can be!
  22. Sorry about that! There have been a few instances of cards showing their old grades, though I'm not sure why some of your Pristine 10s were also showing up as 9.5 Mint+. I removed all the cards from your inventory and re-added them and they are showing their correct grades now. But please let me know if you have any other issues.
  23. Just released! Pokémon Traditional Chinese Base sets! Magic: The Gathering 2nd Stage Reserved List sets!