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  1. Sets will need to be at their best by 10 a.m. EST on December 29th, 2023 and we will be announcing the winners in late January 2024. Here's the announcement if you'd like to take a look: https://www.cgccards.com/news/article/12052/
  2. Everyone on the registry will be qualified to participate in the awards! So you don't need to do anything extra to be included. We'll be awarding the 10 best sets across the TCG registry.
  3. No, we won't be giving multiple awards to the same person for a particular set.
  4. Just released! Marvel X-Men Series 1 and X-Men Series 2 sets!
  5. Yes, the estimated time frame right now is for mid-September. We will have more information coming soon and I will update here as well.
  6. This month's featured set is The Pullfather's Base Set - 1st Edition Check out the article here: https://www.cgccards.com/news/article/11968/
  7. Just Released! Pokémon Base Set - German language sets!
  8. You're welcome! I just checked the cert look up and I am seeing the image and grade for that card, so it should be all good now. If you don't see it, I would suggest clearing your cache and trying again. But please let me know if you're still having trouble.
  9. It's been fixed and I've added it to the Japanese Southern Islands set for you.
  10. Thanks for letting me know! I've submitted a ticket with our web team so they can look into it.
  11. That's weird. Thanks for pointing this out! I'll pass this along.
  12. The issue with the rankings not showing correctly should now be fixed! Thanks everyone, for your patience. Please let me know if there are any other issues.
  13. Thanks so much for the link and explanation! We do currently have a lot of set requests in the queue through the submission form, but this might be something we can do once that gets a little bit smaller. I will pass the feedback along though!
  14. Hi Stephen, If you've made the requests for the sets, they will be added in the order they were received. I'm sorry I don't have more info, this forum is specifically for trading cards and non-sports cards. We do have a sports cards specific forum, they may be able to give you some additional information. You can find that forum here: https://boards.csgcards.com/forum/12-csg-registry/
  15. Hi @Sensei Ryan, it's no bother. New Marvel sets will be coming soon (definitely before the end of 2023)! Can you post a link to the comics forum set requests thread that you're talking about? I only moderate the TCG Registry forum so I'm not familiar with it. It may be something we can do at some point; I will have to look into it.
  16. Magic: The Gathering Mercadian Masques sets just released!
  17. There is an issue with the ranking system currently. Our team is working to correct it. I apologize for any confusion.
  18. You're welcome! And thanks for the suggestion! I'll add that to the list.
  19. Happy Wednesday, I apologize for the delay in posting. This week's new releases are Magic: The Gathering Urza's Destiny sets!
  20. Thanks for all your great feedback, it was very helpful!
  21. We are aware of some scoring changes in the algorithm that need to be adjusted. We are working with our team to make the necessary corrections in the coming weeks. We apologize for any confusion and appreciate your patience as we work through the merger of the scoring process.
  22. Thanks for letting me know! They are still working on the ranking issue. And thanks for the feedback about the scoring, I will pass it along.