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  1. Wow, that is so strange! I tried to re-look up the certification numbers in the system, but it said there was no update. I also tried removing them and re-adding them to your inventory, but that also didn't work. I've passed this along to our web team to look into, and I'll let you know when I hear back.
  2. Just released! Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Paradox Rift Pokémon Japanese Scarlet & Violet sets Triplet Beat, Raging Surf, Ancient Roar, and Future Flash Pokémon Black Star Promos Scarlet & Violet
  3. I second all of these cards sets. and to add I have a full graded base set in my inventory waiting for a place to go Select a Game: Marvel Trading Cards > Select a Sub-Category: Creator Era (1986-1996) > Select a Set Type: Amazing Spider-Man Series 1 (1994) - Base Set (#'s 1-150) Thanks for seconding and for the great suggestion!
  4. Just released! Pokémon Japanese Bandai Carddass - Monsters Collection Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4!
  5. Just released! Pokémon Japanese Sun & Moon Sets Tag Team GX: Tag All Stars and Movie Pack Detective Pikachu
  6. Always nice to find out your card is a higher grade than you thought! Yes, it's OK to add your nephew's cards to your registry, but keep in mind that they can only be in one person's registry so if he's planning to join then you would need to remove the cards so he can add them to his registry.
  7. We have been having some issues with the set request form and our web team is investigating. @cyclonus11 thank you so much for the information about the pop report! I will pass this along both of your comments to the web team
  8. Congratulations to all 2023 awards winners! Check out the article here: https://www.cgccards.com/news/article/12578/ And you can re-watch the live stream video here:
  9. Just released! Magic: The Gathering Scourge and Darksteel sets Pokémon Japanese Sun & Moon sets Dream League and Alter Genesis
  10. When you add the card to your registry, it will automatically give you a list of sets that card can be added to. If you don't choose a set at that time, the cards will just be in your inventory. I see that you have several cards in your inventory currently, so to add those cards to sets, you would just need to click on the plus sign on the right side of the screen, next to the card you want to put into a set. Then a box will pop up letting you know what sets that card can be added to. Then you just choose which set you want to add the card to and follow the prompts that come up to give your set a name. Below are some images to help you navigate.
  11. Any card that has the old blue label and is graded 9.5 is now a Gem Mint 10. Below is an example of the old blue label for you. If you're not sure, you can use our certification look up tool, which will pull up the card information in our system. Here's a link to that tool: https://www.cgccards.com/certlookup/
  12. If the cards are only in your inventory, that list is currently only private, we do not have a way to make it public. However, this may be a feature available in the future at some point. For now, if you add your cards to registry sets, then those sets will be publicly visible.
  13. Cyclonus11 is correct. If your card has the old blue label graded as a 9.5, then it's now a Gem Mint 10 and that would be reflected in our system as well. It's not necessary to re-submit the card for a new holder with the new label, unless you want to.
  14. Thanks for the great suggestion! New Disney Lorcana sets are coming soon, including the promos that aren't part of the D23 Expo set.
  15. Just released! Magic: The Gathering Ninth Edition sets Pokémon Japanese Sun & Moon sets Miracle Twin and Remix Bout
  16. You're welcome! Yes, the remaining Scourge sets will be added soon. And we have more MTG sets in the works as well.
  17. Hi Sensei Ryan! No problem! Thanks for the list! I've added these to the queue as well.
  18. Thanks for the great suggestions, new Disney Lorcana sets are coming soon!
  19. Thanks for the great suggestions! I've added these to the list!
  20. Just released! Magic: The Gathering Mirrodin sets Pokémon Japanese Sun & Moon sets GG End and Full Metal Wall
  21. Yes, we saw your request for the vintage actors set! Thanks for submitting it! We are a small team but are working to get more TCGs as well as more non-sports categories up as quickly as possible. I would encourage you to continue submitting the set requests as it's our official list of requests that we work from.
  22. Just released! Magic: The Gathering Eighth Edition Sets Pokémon Japanese Sun & Moon Sets Full Metal Wall and Double Blaze