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  1. A sorta-detective series called The Naturalist about a computational biologist who ends up hunting serial killers using science. Really enjoying it.
  2. I similarly had those joyful childhood experiences of the spinner rack and comics at the PX (raised on a military base), but I also grew up during the rise of the direct market so I also had early memories of old school comic shops and secondhand book store cubbies filled with comics (when I think today what I could have purchased then for next to nothing!). I collected and read as a kid the same way I collected baseball cards or even rocks But it was the Cochran reprints of EC comics that brought me deeper into the history of comics (and really the TFTC show on HBO) and got me back into the hobby in my early thirties. I never thought I’d ever be able to find let alone own an original EC book. And now I have many and love them dearly. But it’s not just nostalgia, because I also love art and the way comic stories can be told and retold or varied. I was reading moderns and enjoying it but I’m just too busy with work and kids to keep up. It’s also history - I’m too young to be nostalgic for the golden age, but any early Action with Superman beating on Nazis or Captain America Comics with a Schomburg cover just transports you to the home front in WWII. War, racism, generational changes in values, they’re all reflected in the comics. They are amazing historical documents in a way. I think that young collectors still yearn for the big books but they’re so far out of range for most, given today’s prices. And I don’t think it can possibly be nostalgia because there are plenty of collectors who are collecting books from before their time. That’s a long way from the balance question - living in the moment doesn’t have to be exclusive of the hobby. Anytime I’m on the hunt or visiting a new store seeing new books or books in person for the first time, I get a thrill that is very much present tense.