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  1. Hello all. I'm looking to have Mr. Layton sign a few of my old Valiants and I'm hoping this raw Solar 3 is a strong 9.8 candidate. There are 2 areas I noticed but am not sure if it will knock the book down a grade or not. Bottom left corner and back cover near the letter A. Thanks for any observations you have!
  2. No damage to the board or package. It doesn't appear to be fresh damage. I was thinking 8.0 myself.. maybe a good pressing candidate. Seller is supposed to give me a partial refund.
  3. Hello all! It's been a few years since I was active on this board. I hope to be around more often! In the mean time I picked up this Thor #339 on the bay. Seller described as NM and for the most part looked accurate with some general over view pics. Once I got it in person I noticed a crease on the top right hand corner running through the book. I'd like opinions on a truer grade for this book with the crease. Everything else looks flat. I'm thinking VF / 8.0-9.5 range?
  4. So are we hitting a new resurgence in Valiant Pre Unity Keys? It looks like most all the keys on ebay are 40.00+ in nm condition.
  5. Always been a fan of Valiant. I'm still chasing a Harby 1 and Solar 10 in 9.8. I've gotten close.
  6. Just got home from seeing it. Great movie! The action scenes with the sentinels were amazing. I particularly loved how Blinks powers were show cased. Quicksilvers action scenes were most enjoyable. Strong performances all the way around! It was awesome to see all the retconned characters in the fixed future. Particularly two of them! Couple of nice cameos. This one is just about up there with winter soldier for me on an enjoyment level.
  7. Just finished watching tonight's episode... wth man... wth!
  8. It's not. It's a tie in to Avengers 2 It's been established that even though the characters exist in both movie universes, there will be no direct references to each other in their respective movies. To include using different actors.
  9. There is always going to be "that guy" from the boards who is going to try to rip into a very good movie. I just don't see how someone will be able to for this one.
  10. Same here. Saw it. Loved it Will see it a couple more times at least. Very grounded movie for Marvel. Double bonus footage at the end. Stay until credits are done.
  11. +1 Watch the Marvel one shot "Hail to the King" and you will feel better.
  12. He is definitely a cool guy. I met him several years back when he hosted an evil dead movie marathon at the alamo draft house here in Austin. He signed my army of darkness poster right on Ash's crotch ( even made it a point to mention where he is going to sign it.) Haha.
  13. Hmmm... I have a SS Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness I would like to get signed by him. Think I could sneak it past him? Not that I want to deceive Bruce Campbell cuz he is the man. I just really want a SS book with his name on it.
  14. I remember there was discussion about what comics he will and won't sign. Does anyone know if he still has restrictions and what they are exactly?
  15. WOW This is an absolutely amazing book!!! I'd give my left testicle for this baby! (well you know, if the wife ever let me have them... ) X2!!! That is what I am hoping to accomplish with this book
  16. Kudos to Chandler & Sharon from DWC! Arrived just today
  17. is not cool either. Some of us aren't caught up to the current issues in the books and shouldn't have to worry about book spoilers in the TV thread. I have no idea what you are talking about. There is no reference to the book anywhere - it was a jestful comment that 'glenn getting killed next week' would be a major TV spoiler. If you don't know what happened in the book 4 issues ago,when it was on every forum on the interwebs - where the hell were you living. Its been 'unspoilered' a gazillion times on this very forum Actually it can be done, Andy. I don't read the individual issues. I wait for the trades so I actively avoid TWD book discussion thread to avoid spoilers. I am caught up on the tv series though so I come here to discuss that and more the book.... So thank you very mutch for spoiling the next trade for me.
  18. I was cruising through the "find your celeb / creator here" thread and there doesn't seem to be anything for either Seeley or Norton. Anyone have any info on sig opportunities?
  19. Picked up both covers... very solid story. For some reason the characters feel like the ones from Y the last man. I wouldn't really compare this to zombies.. more like immortals.
  20. You have some nice stuff up on your walls. What are the story board b/w mock ups from?
  21. awesome set up and is that some Gundam Models i see in the glass case Thanks and yep, they are from the Gundam Wing "Endless Waltz" Series. Got them when they were coming on Toonami back in the day.
  22. Thanks man, its going to make paintball wars and snow ball fights that much more cooler
  23. Ah thats my Robotech Masterpiece Collection Veritech. The packaging is in the form of a book